The dark art of persuasion Part 2: «the Principles of the media war»

manygoodtips.com_27.01.2015_04LceINz3uO6IInformation field filled to the limit, but continues to grow, confirming the well-known phrase that infinity is not the limit. The computer monitor becomes the icon, and the mobile – continuation of the hands. We are drowning in the deep oceans of text, images and video.

In the first part of the article subjected to exposure techniques black rhetoric, are all part of human communication, news flow and deklarowanej thoughts of our contemporaries. Now it’s time to understand the principles of manipulation that are looking at you through the screen, heard on the radio and attract the attention on the billboards.

«On each landing, the wall looked all the same person. The portrait was designed so that wherever you began, your eyes would not let go.» John. Orwell, «1984»

With the development of media space of the manipulation of consciousness become more refined and uglier. We want to sell unwanted goods, stick to the idiotic service or, worst of all, to substitute our values in the opposite direction.

Did you ever wonder why one popular and the other not? Why is it fashionable and cool, and the rest are wimps?

All of us under pressure to a greater or lesser extent, but our values and attitudes – the result of covert manipulation. Bait which we swallowed again and again, firmly entrenched in the minds, and throw them out is difficult.

However, to give up early. There are specific principles by which we are trying to set the hook. The knowledge of these techniques, understanding the motives and hidden goals of the manipulators – the first but sure step towards the release of consciousness and manifestation of your true personality.

So how did we cheated?

«When you correct their use of words capable of being all-pervading like x-rays. You read and you’re pierced.» Aldous Huxley «brave new world»

1. The principle of priority

The essence of this method is based on the specifics of human perception, which is arranged in such a way that takes for granted the information that is first received in the processing consciousness.

A similar principle is quite successfully used for political technologies, when the address of a competitor sending a accusatory material (dirt), thus:

a) forming voters ‘ negative opinion of him;

b) making excuses.

It is the most effective method of unfair fighting. While the competitor got stuck in excuses, his opponent continues to move forward.

2. Shift

In this method, there is a conscious shift of emphasis, when something is not quite desirable for the manipulator stands in the background, but the foreground is a necessary but false or unimportant information.

For example, so you can create a deceptive impression of success or to hide someone’s negative image behind a mask of heroism or sacrifice.

3. Eyewitnesses

Always are supposedly witnesses who so sincerely tells you the information beforehand given to them by manipulators. In this way it is easy to wishful thinking, especially if the eyewitness will be accompanied by the appropriate logic of the narrative frames.

4. Shining generalizations

This technique is to replace the names or symbols of a particular phenomenon, idea, or group of people more than a common «name» that has the necessary emotional and causes a corresponding attitude of others. So is putting up «labels» which, by the way, stick tightly.

All men – the goats! All the students are lazy and freeloaders! Well, you know what it says.

5. Reorientation of attention

Using this technique, you can do almost any material, without the worries of unwanted (negative) component. This is possible on the basis of rules refocusing of attention when necessary to conceal information as it departs into the shadows randomly displayed events, serving as a decoy for your attention.

In other words, the trick is in the «clogging of the air» when a person is distracted and is able to critically assess the event.

6. Transfer or transfer

Direct pointing by your values, dude! The essence of this method consists in a skillful, unobtrusive and imperceptible for most people distribution of authority and prestige of specific phenomena, events or things.

7. Repetition of slogans or utterances

The main condition for the effectiveness of this technique is the correct slogan. A brief statement is formulated in such a way as to attract attention and to influence the imagination and feelings of the reader or listener.

Not to offend anyone, for example let’s take a step into literature:

«Freedom is slavery. War is peace. Ignorance is strength.» John. Orwell, «1984»

Cunning manipulation, have many sources and countless purposes. We have presented the most obvious and popular principles hidden influence that you can meet without even leaving your laptop screen.

Good advice: try to check the information, if you think it is important to critically evaluate any statements or theses popular, learn to make my own choices and not be satisfied with other people’s motives.

In any case, it is up to you to decide what to be: a victim or a hero.

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