The dangerous lover 15-year-old boys?


Somehow I am reminded of a great episode of «South Park» where Kyle’s little brother managed to subdue the older girls. It is strange that nobody thought it was pedophilia, and IKE was frankly jealous. So, here they are, double standards.

34-year-old woman named Kerry Gonzales has long molested 15-year-old, who was the son of her friend. The child’s mother, of course, this could not prevent, and strongly defended the son of his girlfriend, who was desperately seeking kid. But Carrie was serious, and recently held the first session of sex. The kid’s mother was home and she was awakened by suspicious noises from above. Noting that Carey still had their way, the mother decided to go to the son. It was painful loud. When the son opened the door, the mother saw naked Cary, which quickly got dressed and… jumped out of the window straight to the ground from a decent height. Half naked lady stood up and with a surprisingly vigibase ankle, hobbled to the side of the house. The woman broke her leg and now she’s facing time for child molestation. That’s what makes people love. You: «Romeo and Juliet…»

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