The Danes invented a way to quickly to brew organic coffee


Instant coffee love is not everything, but the invention of the Danes, perhaps, has the potential to destroy the very phenomenon of instant coffee.

Now coffee lovers can get their dose of caffeine, brewed by the new technology. And all thanks to the world’s first disposable coffee machine that can make coffee literally on the move.

The product works like a teabag for coffee and promises to brew a quality beverage, if the owner just add hot water to the package. Danish designer Ulrik Rasmussen, launched the project, tried to build something resembling a tea bag of coffee filters for his home coffee maker. Several unsuccessful attempts and Danish launches successful project Grower’s Cup, which will allow you to brew coffee only at home but also at work.

How does it work? The water that is poured through the hole, mixes with the ground coffee. The resulting mixture was slowly trickles down where it percolates through a filter into another chamber. With this camera, the drink can be poured into cups. The cost of devices for brewing depends on the variety of coffee. Glad that it is almost a penny. Cheapest «tea bag» will cost $1.7, and the most expensive at $2.5. In Grower’s Cup 18 grams of ground coffee and the volume of the package is enough for 300 ml

Portable coffee maker you can take with you everywhere — it is quite tight. Those that bought Grower’s Cup say you can pour the coffee with boiling water at home and at work to drink is ready.


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