The crisis of a certain age


Good day, Write on the sore. I want to know your opinion and to find answers to my questions. The last two years of my life went down the drain. After school, went to University, but after the first semester I realized that this specialty is not to my liking and learn I can not, and to go home to my family, I could not. Then I decided to change my life, reacting to one another in a completely unfamiliar city for me. Wanted to join again to start a new life, but… as always, not everything goes as we would like. All my plans fell through, I didn’t, friend was drafted into the army. Got a job. Actually, the time to go into the army, but I have no desire to go there. Life is all downhill, your future I see. how can I be in this situation?

First it must be said that the question had to cut some text, because the laws of our country do not allow to publish certain things and words. Otherwise, the army will have to go all over our office. Next you need to add that when planning this section we are going to answer the question about who to get into bed first ore with the third dimension or the blonde with the second, but… as always, not everything goes as we would like. All our plans collapsed, and the questions come more serious than my grandfather.

But more to the point. Dude, two years of your life is 2.5 percent. It’s as if you went for the bag of diamonds in kilometre from the house, but along the way came in shit. You can’t say that it was a bad or an empty campaign. He was just a little overshadowed by shit. Come on. Education in our country is that from its absence it is unlikely that you will lose. Army? We will not say good or bad, it’s not our format. Of the people I know who went there, no one would say that it was absulute useless time period. Someone found some friends, someone decided to put together a military career, someone just learned how to make a bed. In General, you’re being dramatic situation, and if you just look at it differently, it is possible to benefit. For example, after you will be able to find work, now the trend is to hire people who have passed military service. In the end, you can apply for civil service. No, we do not persuade anyone to join the army and especially the civil service. Moreover, we would suggest you to shift to another region, thereby otkosit. But we’re not sure if we can do under the law. In this situation, the trip to the army — not the worst way out. And some even dream about it. Remember that people who have everything goes according to plan, just no. Successful people are not those who have everything going well and smoothly, and those who know how fast and well to solve problems. Just now you have everything according to plan.

Sometimes, especially in young children, there are problems with the definition and statement of goals. I agree, it is foolish to try to conquer the world when you’re four years old. It is foolish to want to achieve all the best in 20 plus years. A time when you can look back to assess their own progress, for 35 years, but not before. Dude, I think you now so much more will advise our readers, but I can say one thing: give up yet. This is how to end before the start of sex. Nothing has started, and you will not be able to proceed to the most interesting. Wait, dude, just wait a little.

And here’s another reference to vneklassnoe reading suck it up: how not to be a jerk

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