The criminal was caught thanks to the posted photo on Facebook


The most obvious lesson that can be learned from recent events: don’t post pictures with money or items that you stole.

But that’s what made Marcus Watson and Eddie Allen, in compliance with August 11, the FBI affidavit released August 12.

Watson, who has just turned 19 (his nickname Kiki Seui), has been charged with a «causative agent» of a series of armed robberies.

Watson put on your avatar in Facebook the photo where he is holding two bundles of money. Two days after his first armed robbery in salt lake city, came a series of Bank robberies. All this is the handiwork of the followers of Marcus. A few days after he committed under oath confessed to the crime. Watson said that he agreed to tell the truth «under threat of violence and fear to get injured.»

A robbery he committed in a black mask and brown hooded jacket. Watson brandished a black semi-automatic handgun, threatening employees of the Bank. He managed to pick up the scene of the crime $ 500 in cash.

After the crime, the robber took a photo with the stolen money and wrote the commentary under the photo. Thanks to this picture and it found the FBI.

This is not the first case where criminals find thanks published photo in social networks, but it somehow teaches nothing.

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