The creators of Angry Birds are releasing a Flappy Bird clone


Quite a challenging game Flappy Bird has become famous not only for its gameplay but also the scandal involving the owner of this game which has removed the game from the online store, then returned back. In the days when Flappy Bird was removed from the virtual market quickly enough appeared clones of games of varying quality. Is birds players managed fish, red balls, pigs and birds that vaguely resembled a bird with Flappy Bird.

But now almost legendary company, Rovio, created the Angry Birds game, decided to get his firing, in fact, another clone of Flappy Bird. The game is called Retry, it the player will have to manage not a bird, not pig, not fish, and a small plane. Unlike the original game the player can control the speed of the aircraft, increasing the frequency of pressing on the screen. In Flappy Bird the bird is moved with the same speed, accelerate or slow down it was not possible. In Retry, you can do loops, to speed up and slow down the fall. Like the original game, side-scroller made in 8-bit style.


Retry is a huge plus to its progenitor: the levels there are areas where you can land, rest and fly further. Also, the clone has the ability saves at checkpoints, but that doesn’t make the game easier: to resume in the middle of the level, you need to pay a certain amount of game currency — coins.

Also, as with all Rovio games, the player has the opportunity to get the original stars and clear each level and also collect all the coins.

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