The country of fools: how we help the world to be stupid

the world is stupidEvery living person is compelled from time to time to deal with people, which he believes frankly stupid. Maybe that’s too harsh: can be considered stupid, not the person as a whole and its behavior in certain situations. To do the stupid can be anyone: your friend, parents, boss or colleagues. Yes that there, there is a possibility that you think I’m stupid, which is why I decided to write this text. Anyway, surely you yourself in some cases prefer to behave so as to maintain an appropriate level of global stupidity. In other words, a society with our own stupid fault, thanks to the efforts of all its members. What efforts?

No matter what, we love pizza

Scientists killed for years, from all sides to prove to us: fast food is deadly harmful. But you’re still going to eat it because your stomach creates a vacuum, to fill which can only a solid Burger. Dudes across the country, as mindless zombies, go to the fast food restaurants and immerse yourself in an avalanche from fats and fast carbs, because they’ll go crazy, if they don’t have this toys from the happy girl. You work hard, you don’t have time to cook, so you need fast food. «Enjoy!» the devil laughs Ronald McDonald, rubbing his great hands.

We too love to sit with social networks

I think I don’t like it when someone laykaet record on my wall? Wrong! However, I feel divine! I don’t know why. Recent studies have shown that people who use Twitter themselves narcissistic of all people. Judge for yourself: one pompous idiot writes something and drags when it approve and distribute on other pompous idiots! And if all this was worthwhile news… Now, if the authors of the tweets really could boast something special, for example, metal would be lightning from a member, it would be worth a retweet. But is it possible? We would work a hundred times better if from time to time can focus on work and not about what would be so interesting about it to post. Perhaps now, even falling from a ladder, a person thinks that it would be necessary to write about it in Twitter and succinite on the bottom step.

We are not fighting with your apathy

It’s just phenomenal! We still believe that if this problem cannot be ignored, it will disappear by itself. I wonder, how do we know this? If this problem is not to draw attention, she, on the contrary, did not think to evaporate. It will be hard to poison our lives and not going anywhere until we decide.

We do not encourage a thirst for knowledge

The first session of my course was 70. By the time of graduation 40. I think it is clear what I mean. Many guys drop out just because it’s hard. It requires strength. I wonder what they think? Do they think that if they do not like the bosses at work, they can just as easily go to continue to refuse to perform any complex tasks? Somehow, since high school neglect the training is considered as a sign of coolness, although what exactly is cool, it’s hard to say.

We do not take responsibility

And is ready to meet yourself and others for anything. Hit a man and fled the scene of the crime? Scared. Crossing the road in the wrong place and was hit by a car? It sucks, but so do all, who could expect? Quit my job, after screwed up and you had to deduct liquidated damages? Come on, who wants to pay their hard-earned money for someone else’s good? And so in all.

We take an example from the wrong people

What was fashionable among teenagers of the past? «Live fast, die young», «sex, drugs, rock-n-roll» — are you serious? This should strive for is to die young and live fast, whatever that means. And because children would in unison repeat these simple maxims and felt cool, opening in the entrance of the flat beer. It would be funny if I hadn’t seen it myself. What now? Unthinkable rich guys in fur coats on a naked body, drinking «Hennessey» and thrown around wads of money. As they say, swag. Sick of it no less, who likes ostentatious wealth, that he is not far away from negriku from poor neighborhoods, who received his first thousand dollars, faster run to spend it on gold teeth, Oh, sorry, twinkly that’s what this is. Fundamentally wrong system of values.

We are pious

Dostoevsky distinguished the people of good and pious — which is actually not very good, cowardly and do not have the courage to say unpleasant in the face. Pious dumber than everyone else. They see that the person is engaged in business, which he has not obtained that for him or inclinations, — and silent. See other people’s shortcomings — and silent. See the flaw in society — and silent. Or say something pleasantly unctuous. What is bad, and you understand: it’s like nothing to do with the problem and wait until «itself will fall off». Will not fall off. Does not take place. Don’t understand your bad writing, until you open his eye — better you than cackling publisher.

Could we become better? Maybe. Honestly, I don’t know. I still lock the apartment keys and forget to buy toilet paper. I am also an idiot who has a computer and Internet access.

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