The correct answers to complex questions

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2014_v4lIxz1PAsJgTTo look very attractive in the eyes of the employer, you should prepare in advance answers to most tricky questions of interview.

1. «Tell me about yourself»

This in itself is disguised under a request the question is not so terrible. The main thing to understand its meaning. The employer is not waiting for you detailed told about your childhood years. Your task here is to ensure that as soon as to outline than you may be useful to the company. Within a one-minute presentation you should tell all about your career achievements and professional preferences. If you have no experience in positions similar to the one that you claim to have, be sure to explain why you want to go to this place.

2. «Tell the case of your work, which you are ashamed»

A very unpleasant question. Most importantly the answer to it, to make a failure turned into success. Tell me what you like any other man, is prone to make mistakes and that is not mistaken only one who does nothing. However, you’re always ready to admit his mistake and apologize to the person you so hurt.

3. «What is your biggest weakness?»

Not to say that your biggest problem is hard work. This statement reeks of hypocrisy and blatant toadying, it is obvious that for the employer, your workaholism is more of a plus than a minus. Your interviewer is likely not an idiot. And especially does not like the idea that he is being taken for an idiot.

Try to answer questions honestly, show the employer that you know their weaknesses and also know how to deal with them. Say, for example, that you expect a lot from others, but at the same time, I understand that each person is unique and should not match your requirements.

4. «Have you ever been fired? If Yes, for what?»

Refrain from negative comment about you dismissing the employer and his company.

Tell me you don’t fully understand the expectations of your previous boss and you both agreed that you should go. Or perhaps you have not had enough time to stand in the company.

In any case, don’t blame your liberation of others, even if you really have been treated unfairly. Your employer does not know the real situation, and you’re accusing the former chief of injustice, risk to look in his eyes, an irresponsible whiner.

5. «How do you explain gaps in your resume?»

And again — honest, but not to ramble. Underline the answer in the fact that even though you were without work for a while, you are not sitting idle. Maybe you freelancer, or studied, or was unable to work because of illness. Be sincere and do not make excuses. First and foremost, you must believe that you are not lazy and the reasons why you were without work during some time, actually existed.

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