The consequences of over-training and improper equipment

Once in response to an article about crossfit, we received an angry letter from the guy, who introduced himself as a fat guy, who never engaged in physical activity, but decided to do crossfit to stop being fat. Commendable. Dude actively defended crossfit (although we don’t mind), convincing us that they are wonderful people who support him, when he pukes after training from paritrana. No need to be a fitness guru to understand bro, you’re doing it wrong, that kind of stress will kill you early and will discourage any desire to do loads in the near future. Overtraining is the problem how many other problems from physical exertion which arise from the banal ignorance.

The most common injuries in strength training, poor technique of performing exercises. The proper implementation of techniques during exercise weightlifting is important in order to not only reduce the chances of injury and get maximum results from your training. Incorrect technique can pull, rip or block any muscle in the human body. It can also break the thin connective tissue in a matter of seconds. The lack of control over their actions when using barbells, kettlebells or dumbbells can be fatal, especially when the beginner just starting to exercise (why not try the gym?).


When someone starts to swing muscles, it is important to remember that you have the correct body position during the execution of an exercise. This will not only ensure proper growth of muscles, but no damage. All it’s important to remember, but what’s wrong with the overtraining? Some stupid bro seriously think that if they train every day, only in this case, achieve impressive results. However, muscles begin to break down, hurt, and growth as there is no.

What’s the downside of improper techniques? There are men who like slightly deformed muscles: shoulders disproportionate, spin the wheel (also erroneously called the «boxer’s posture»). These can be found in gyms around the world. This is partly due to the lack of flexibility and inability to do the exercises correctly, so that the muscles have adapted to the correct movement and grow accordingly. Follow our short instructions to achieve the correct techniques of strength training, and then all will be bad. Want back pain and disproportionate physique? No? Then here’s what you do.

Reduce weight

In order to protect yourself from incorrect technique, you need to reduce weight. Of course, to drag the empty neck — this is not something that everyone likes, bro, because you feel the lack of progress. But there is progress: thus you will protect yourself from injuries, muscle tears and other things. To do with a blank fretboard is not a shame, you just do the technique. If you can’t do any exercise with correct technique, then you have not reached this weight.

Use the help

When some dude in all seriousness gaining a little more than a lot of goods on the rod and do not use means of support and a strong shoulder of a comrade who will control them, their joints, cartilage and muscles can go to know the sad direction. Belts, waist belts, knee pads, harnesses and other fastening pieces needed in order to monitor their technique, because it is too heavy the rod will still pull your body down with great speed. Helping each other is always a useful thing in the economy, don’t you forget it!

And now about overtraining. How to protect yourself from harmful overtraining and what is her problem?

«I’m tired»

Dudes who long time work five days a week,\ almost without rest, can suddenly realize that scary, absolutely outrageously tired. This is a huge, absolutely inhuman fatigue, such that it appears that the eyes fall out of orbits. Not only do you feel pain throughout the body, but also feel that resources you no longer have. Makes you sick thinking about exercise, do you think that today just will not go, but the stubborn donkey show and go training. But you better relax at home: 24 hours or better 48. Your muscle fibers time to recover and grow. A warm bath, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to help you.

The destruction of the muscles

If there are too many work your muscles, as we have seen above, does not have time to properly recover. The overtraining can destroy your muscle tissue so fast that she can’t recover properly. It is very painful, and it’s not just muscle pain, which seems useful, but the pain tissue destruction. If muscle pain is dull, the pain breaking down muscle tissue sharp and nasty. You may have a fever and head ache. Overtraining and lack of rest can lead to a huge loss of muscle mass, which is obviously not what you wanted to achieve with their workouts.

Excessive use of neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are biologically active substances that perform the function of transmitting the electrical impulse from nerve cell to muscle, causing a reaction and sensitivity. Excessive use of neurotransmitters without rest will cause symptoms of mild depression and fatigue. The reason is that the fluid in our nerves do not have time to spread through the frequency of high loads on the muscles, so muscles will not react as quickly, and the training will resemble riding on a lame horse.

Slow our flow of nervous fluids could have an effect on the result of the training. A serious shortage of neurotransmitters can make your immune system vulnerable and weak, which leads to a Domino effect. At very frequent workouts without proper rest day in between, the body becomes weak, increasing the risk of getting sick and catch a nasty virus.

Let your body rest from 24 to 48 hours between workouts. If you feel a little weak, reduce the intensity of your workouts or just skip them. It is also important to understand that there are many other factors that can affect your health and lead to burnout, for example, mental and emotional stress, but that’s a topic for another article.

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