The consequences of enhanced Masturbation

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2014_FIGtLgnqyNboyIf you masturbate twice a week or several times a day, then surely you already swirling in my head a few thoughts that will accompany you during your favorite hobby. Maybe soon you will wonder: «Hmm, not too often I indulge myself?». Well, or whatever you like to call it. Clear pepper, that masturbating every healthy guy, but you need to know the measure.

However, frequent Masturbation can be a problem, until it starts to affect your life negatively. It is likely that soon you’ll be too busy enjoying his favorite pastime and you will have time for normal social life.

So when a harmless-gratification becomes detrimental passion? Here physical and psychological symptoms that may indicate you that the time has come to give rest to his lascivious little hands:


You’re hurting yourself. So, some guys jerk off to yourself to physical damage. Such injury may be minor, such as the skin friction, or something more serious, like Peyronie’s disease is the formation of any plaques in your penis, which can result from exposure to too much pressure. If those things are hurting your health, then it’s time to cut the schedule, unscheduled bathroom visits.


It affects your relationship or your job. Maybe you’re staying Friday night at home to give a wild handjob instead to spend time with friends. Or you’re late for a meeting because he was satisfied with himself in the men’s room. If this habit is hurting your social life or your job; prevents you to get a girlfriend, it’s time to stop playing there. Seriously.

3.The plot

Have you tried to quit, but you failed. One of the main criteria of any type of addiction is loss of control. This is a problem of the smoker or player. If you can’t control yourself and cannot get rid of this habit, it is a real problem.

There are several situations when Masturbation no longer seems such a wonderful idea. For example, scientists have proven that daily Masturbation for 2 weeks depletes the sperm count of the husband by almost 50 percent.

If you understand that you have a problem, what to do next? The answer is simple: it is not necessary so often to resort to self-empowerment.

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