The complete guide to self-destruction

manygoodtips.com_16.02.2014_WvNNfUyI6hYB0Somehow we love to create problems out of nothing and destroy his mortal carcass along with the mortal and the mind. This is a very unpleasant trait in all people, just remember something from Freud with his Thanatos and Eros, but I digress. Today we decided to gather a small guide to the things that we think are destroying us.

1. To do more complicated and tricky

This does not mean that you should always choose the simplest solutions to problems. You should always keep some kind of Golden mean, which, undoubtedly, exists. But there are people who deliberately choose the difficult thorny path to achieve their goals. Why? Who the hell knows! Perhaps they believe that there is no simple ways, they may not know how to live otherwise. What distinguishes a simple solution to the problem difficult? We base our decisions on facts, experience and knowledge. If the information, experience and knowledge to achieve the goals enough, all relatively simple. If this is not enough, to embark on the convoluted way strongly hard, and most importantly: why?

2. To refuse a good chance, because it is terrible

Sometimes fate gives us a great opportunity. Most often it is natural. You’re lit up, proved to be, someone you noticed. And here you are offered a very tempting opportunity that you truly wanted for many, many years. But you’re scared, and this is logical, because everyone is terrible. If there is no fear, something is wrong. But fear should be overcome, because it’s just the body’s response to change. «Every cricket stick to his last» — here’s a proverb that gives a green light to self-destruction. People that self-sabotaging, don’t understand that failure does not provoke gossip. Fear is a weak excuse for inaction, but it is one of the most common reasons why suicidal people will never go forward in life. They will stay in one place without movement.

3. To refuse help

What’s wrong to accept help? One thing — a certain type of people who will drive you moral duty to offer assistance. But if you’re really bad, why not take it? Stop thinking that it’s «pathetic handouts» on the part of some people. Don’t be shy himself to ask for help, nothing terrible and such that belittles you in this, believe me.

4. To drink and to eat, to rest from problems

Awesome crap, but a friend of mine whenever terribly tired at work, takes a liter of beer. He believes that no correlation had not, he just like, «he deserved it» once a week and blah-blah-blah. If you read about alcoholism and its stage, you suddenly discover that VERY many people are sick of the first stage of alcoholism, which no one believes this stage. Alcoholic have or present the stories of Stephen king, or a drunken hobo, lying on the stop. But alcoholism stages. If you take the drink as a way to get rid of all problems becomes much worse. In my experience, that walk in the fresh air, exercise and a notable warm bath with ducky wonders. And thump in such obscene quantities do not need to, because the alcohol is a light shade of relief in comparison with these things, and that shadow was, besides, much worse.

5. To hurt people who treat you well

There are a lot of people who treat you like human beings. It certainly is a wonderful feeling. The worst to build on them, to offend and not to keep beside him. This is the worst that can happen to human relationships — neglect loyal to you people. Not so much, believe me, a good relationship should be protected.

6. To spend money on unnecessary things, when there is a need for the right things

Potreblyadstvo — disgusting human trait. There can be only one: to buy something when you are in dire need of something useful. To buy expensive clothes to have a month buckwheat without salt. To pull the money for an iPhone when there is a need to pay the bills. Is the inability to control your life and to prioritize. It’s just suicide to spend 500 rubles to get a taxi when you don’t know what you’re going to eat for dinner the next night. Bad not to think about their needs, and to care only about short-term desires and aspirations. Not have any real restraint and constantly hurting myself, thinking only about the real feelings and thoughts. To live by the principle «you only live once» is a bad idea.

7. To repeat the mistakes, instead learn from them

Errors need to translate them into experience. Without it there is no life. You don’t appreciate from all sides, and just repeat past mistakes, cry, say they’ll never do it again, and again… make the same mistakes! Not to learn from their mistakes — deliberately to make life harder for yourself. To refuse to study their defeat and disappointment is not healthy and will never have meaning if you don’t want more suffering!

8. Think about the consequences in the near future, not long term

People who love destruction, think about the consequences, but distinctive. The only thing they care about — in the near future. That is the only negative effect of alcohol for them — a hangover.

They do not think about long-term consequences. They follow their momentary desires and impulses, allowing them to take precedence over their needs. There are those who drink because they want to get drunk, but I do not think that it is necessary to go to work cheerful the next morning. This is a bad trait, but there are worse. Frequent consumption of alcohol leads to addiction, health problems and obesity. If you work out, the systematic use of alcohol negates half of your training. If not all. As one friend of the coach, one violent drunk with a hangover in the morning — missed week of workouts.

Spontaneity is good, of course. But if spontaneity means unwillingness to think, and the desire to follow their whims, it will immediately lead you to destruction.

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