The complete guide to home security

My house – my fortress. Don’t kid yourself. Your house is just a toy that you can hack almost anyone with the proper skill. Your house does not always provide you security, often only the illusion of security. Door locks allow you to breathe easier when you go on vacation and leave their homes in the care of his goldfish. But in new apartments are often the door can be opened the usual can opener. Any thief, if he really wants to get to your house, can easily find there way.

But we certainly hope that you will rely on other methods of home security. About them we will tell, because the real owner of your home will always have to rely on multiple levels of protection.

Especially in Russia. You know that in our country every year to purify the millions of apartments and houses? Becoming a victim of such crimes easy. Statistics – an unpleasant thing. Besides, as you know, during the economic crises the number of crimes are always increasing. Without advice will not do so decided to share with you the best ways to invest in your own safety. From simple to complicated, from cheap to expensive. And if you still have no homes, save this article – in the future, she’ll be useful. Maybe some first tips seem outrageously simple, but it is simple and we forget in the first place.

Think like a criminal: time, noise and visibility

Every robber is looking. Usually they are looking for the house, which can easily gain access without being discovered. Sociologists identified that the main factors, which are used by robbers when I think to burgle your home, it is time, noise and visibility.

The criminals have to get in and out of the house as quickly as possible. The longer they will be there, the greater the likelihood of being discovered. Someone will call the police, and their plan will be covered with something unpleasant. And now the most interesting: about 30 percent of all burglaries are through an unlocked door. You could just be too lazy to close the door when I went to the store across the street or take out the trash. Maybe you forgot to lock the garage, or close the window? So, any potential entry point into your house should be blocked. Stupid to close all the gaps is the easiest way to protect their homes from unwanted guests.

In addition to the time factor, the robbers pay attention to whether they will be able to open the house, while remaining completely unnoticed. Barking dog and a security system will cause unwanted attention to the burglar because of the noise that they create. So, the robbers often skip houses with alarms.

On the other hand, houses that are poorly lit at night or next to which there are many trees blocking the main entrance or Windows – a very tasty morsel for any bad guy, because the cover has not been canceled, and thieves it is always at hand. Even if there is a vicious dog.

In General, you knew that already. Time, noise, visibility – that’s what you have to pay attention, if you want to improve the security of your home. What needs to be improved first? To understand this, you need to find the weak points of your home. Think like a criminal is not a phrase Hollywood series about detectives, but the real truth.

Keep in mind three factors, which we discussed above and start to ask yourself questions:

– There are places around my house that could be used as cover?

My house is well lit at night?

– There are in my house locked door or window?

– Can I see your house valuable items from the street?

It’s the best time to Rob my house?

Try to be fair to yourself and to your house, when you raise these issues.

General security measures

Meet with neighbors. So, it can be frustrating. Your neighbors may be the most boring or Intrusive people in the world, but you just need to meet them. Interesting neighbor is a pain in the ass almost every convicted robber. Thieves often forget that their suspicious movements can follow other people’s eyes.

Install the security system. Research shows that homes without security systems are robbed three times more often than at home, which it is. Security system obviously discourage potential thieves by signaling system. Hacking attempts are just attempts. But some of the systems allow to automatically send a request to the police or security Agency. Some campaigns improve the alarm so that she can control your home lighting or appliances when you’re away.

For example, many homeowners respond well on such a system as «smart house». Her connection has many advantages. You will be able to observe your bedroom, living room, the contents of his refrigerator (for anything!) in real time via the Internet. Not necessarily is this in Russia. Signal penetration into the house can be obtained anywhere in the world. You can monitor the call services of fast reaction which is very useful. Because the signal may be erroneous. For example, an outdoor cat climbed out the window and broke her grandmother’s vase. You’re not going to call the police for this? Here’s what we thought.

Our Moscow readers can protect their lair with the help of «Smart House», referring to the company 220HELP. These are Professionals, they will design a «smart home» quickly, efficiently and reliably.If you can’t afford a full security system, consider installing a simple alarm that triggers whenever you open the door. Many of these devices are pretty cheap. You can still use a trick. For example, bought a sticker or print on the printer: «This house is protected by a security system so-and-so», or something like that. Of course, the stickers will not save you if you start to clean, but they, the thieves will likely reconsider its purpose. No one wants to mess with the security systems.

Buy a dog. But you should not rely on the dog as the main means of home security. A healthy dog barking, of course, will make the robbers think twice before enter into your house, but they can ignore it. And if the dog does the fighting, then she can just to protect you.

Keep your house in tip-top condition. Regular cleaning and good maintenance is necessary not only in order to you were not ashamed to invite friends. The fact that when the house is well maintained, all understand that he’s busy. If the yard removed from autumn leaves, this serves as a signal that someone is home. But if you trim the shrubs or trees, it will eliminate the possibility of cover for potential bad guys.

Let the yard will be well lit. Darkness is the friend of any criminal. And these dudes don’t like it when they are exposed to strong light. Lighting should be designed in such a way that your neighbors can see you in the house the guests have arrived. You can install flood lights that turn on when someone close passes. Such lights, especially in dark areas of the yard, would give additional security. On top of all these lights will not only deter potential burglars, but also to help you move safely to your friends and family.

Watch what you throw out in the trash. Boxes from major purchases it is best to shred with a knife and fold in chopped form. Also deal with checks and bills to prevent identity theft. A this simple rule is ignored. And for good reason.

Be careful who you invite into the house. No, we are not paranoid. But still you should be careful when you hire any movers, delivery service, repairmen, and the like. Always ask documents and no hope for parole.

With builders too, be careful. Hide valuables, never give them the key (after all, they can make a duplicate), provides better access to that part of the house where they work. Not to open before him their plans for the holiday weekend. And, of course, if you still gave them your key, then after work always change the lock.

Every time workers are going to leave home, spend surface inventory. Be sure to check the state of Windows and doors. Often unscrupulous builders open invisible entry points to return to you later.

If you haven’t hired anyone and you are bursting to provide any services, just send these dudes and it is better not to open the door.

And of course, always, always lock your doors and Windows! Remember that 30% of all burglaries occur due to the fact that you just leave open your home.

Shielded doors

To strengthen your first line of defense, you must take the following actions:

– Make sure the hinges all doors are inside the house. If the hinges were on the outside, the robbers can easily break.

– Replace the protective plate. It’s a metal rectangle on the interior side of the door into which you insert the bolt. When the robbers spread your door strikes, it is usually this plate deals in the first place. If you have an old house, it is best to replace the plate.

– Install a protective film on the glass. Doors with lots of glass might look nice but they are not durable. You can, of course, to compromise. There is a special protective film. It works as follows: the bastard hits the glass, hoping that it will break into small pieces. But he sees only the cracked glass, which is restrained inside a film that is almost impossible to see. Of course glass can still be knock out, but this would be much more difficult.

– Check whether tightly adjacent your door to the floor. Criminals can insert crowbars between the door and the jamb to get rid of the hated door.

– Reinforce the French door. French doors look fantastic, but they have several disadvantages in terms of security. In addition to vulnerable Windows, you can open them simply with the force of a kicking foot. There are kits that will allow you to strengthen these doors.

Don’t forget about the locks. If you just moved into a new apartment, be sure to change the locks. In General locks have a variety of systems. Not bad or cylindrical locks with double cylinder engine. Although they are not without disadvantage. In case of fire, these locks can keep you and your family. The key is to be always at hand in this case. But anyway be careful, some cities in overseas countries such locks are prohibited due to fire hazard. At an affordable price too, you can find quite a decent locks. In General, it is necessary to look at your wallet and its advantages.

Shielded Windows

– Always lock Windows, even if you live on the 13th floor, dude. Robbers, as a rule, do not like to break them.

– Install on each window protective film. It will really spoil the mood with the bad guys, which hoped to break the window with one blow of the hammer.

Off – grid. Lattice everything. In our country can not do without them. But many prefer not to install them, guided by aesthetic considerations. Our view is: if you live on the first floor, they are essential. There are also grates that can be quickly removed by pressing the button on the inside of the house. But it is not cheap. But it is possible at any time to get out of the house through the window.

– Use the shutters and curtains. Robbers often look through the Windows to find out which homes will be the most maximum return for completing a criminal job. So don’t trip, bought a new plasma, and shut the blackout curtains the entire view from the street.

– Thorny bushes and cacti on the windowsill. I think that would help? You probably never stepped on a cactus, dude. In addition, blood, skin and torn clothes can be used to track the bad guy.

Shielded garage

– Keep garage doors closed. Yes, we’ll repeat it to you again and again. Open garage, where a visible car, bicycles or tools just screams: «Rob me!»

– Make sure the other door in the garage is also well closed.

– If you left the car on the road, never leave the garage key in it. The machine is also easy to break. And the tactics of the robbers is not unique. Crash your car, take the keys from the garage door – and goodbye to the cool stuff that you collected in your shelter for many years. Always take the keys with you!

When you’re on vacation

Rest time is a gold rush for criminals. All blamed on the sea, in the mountains, skiing or fishing at the lake. But how to make your home safe at this time so as not to ruin your vacation?

Here’s what you should do:

– Ask your neighbor to occasionally clean up your yard. But do it so that he didn’t send you to hell. Drink good beer, for example. When you go, your neighbor can play a key role in preserving your house.

– Empty your Inbox. If it is clogged by mail and Newspapers is a sure sign that the owner of the house for a long time missing. So create before leaving the appearance that the house is always someone there. Also, ask a neighbor to collect your correspondence.

– Do not take your dog with you. Leave her at home. And again, let the neighbor feeds her. That is why you need to be with him in good relations. In a pinch you can pay for the trouble.

– You can set the timer to electrical appliances. Many things have such a feature. Alarm clock, TV, computer, stereo. May they be included in a certain time. This is a good way to fool the criminals.

– Many security systems offer the option of turning on the light in the house from their smartphone. This is useful when you rest, a thousand kilometres away.

Safe-around the head

In movies you can often see how the criminal breaks the safe and gets accumulated over the years values. As a result, many have formed the opinion that the Deposit of the landlord is a waste of money. But the reality is quite different. Modern safes are rather durable and of high quality to protect your money and cherished items from any adversity.

Of course, they all have different prices and different functions. Buying a safe, but we recommend to do it, pay attention to his look and choose according to what you’re going to store.

Features the boxes are divided into fire-resistant, burglar-proof and ornithomedia. The names speak for themselves. We suggest you to buy onewantone, because they can protect your money not only from thieves but also from the flames. A good master of his house will be ready for anything. When buying a safe always ask about the class of resistance to cracking and resistance (the higher, the better), their value, made to GOST.

The choice of the safe responsible thing. And, as we wrote, you must know all of its options, including burglar and fire resistance. Sellers with certificates are now rarely find, and reliable stores not so much. Therefore, to alleviate your trouble, we recommend you to buy everything you need from the guys from the store STILSEYF. They are, incidentally, the choice helps you, and to be disappointed in the product not give.There is also the classification that is accepted in stores, it is for you to find a suitable option for themselves.

Now you can select the following types of safes:

callable – those that can be embedded in the wall;

furniture is usually the best budget option;

– caches – in fact a kind of built-in, but they have their useful properties;

– gun safes and cabinets – a necessary thing for anyone who has a weapon;

– luxury boxes for those who love the style, high quality and not afraid to spend money on it.

Safes can also share on types of locks: key-classic, combination (electronic or mechanical), biometric.

If you still robbed

If you have ignored our advice and you still got robbed, don Revie, and here’s what you do:

– The warehouse catalogue of all expensive items and make a table: cameras, laptops, televisions, gaming consoles, jewelry. Recording will help you to obtain a greater insurance policy (assuming you have it).

– Use the safe for valuables. Corny? But how many of your friends have a safe? Keep it in a hidden, remote place.

– If you went to your house, and your stuff is somehow different, unnatural, besides, you see evidence of hacking, then don’t play Chuck Norris – immediately call the police. The robber may be still in the house, and you’re putting yourself in danger.

And in conclusion. Even if you have nothing to steal, the breaking and entering into your even temporary housing is like a spit in the soul. The feeling after someone’s been in your house going through your stuff, not that nasty, it’s disgusting. You long to feel bad, even if you stole only a seasoned jeans.

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