The Communicator from Star Trek


Oh… What a beauty! You know the thing? Good, right? What you doubt, of course, good! You Star Thek not looking?!?! You have no respect for Spock and captain Kirk?!?! Then you won’t understand the beauty of this device. And all the rest – welcome! Consider the toy carefully.


If you still do not understand or do not believe the manufacturer has created an exact copy of the Communicator that was used by the characters in the film. Why are we so sure that is accurate? Yes, because they have achieved a perfect repetition of all the lines and curves of the original Communicator using 3D scanning. If you took the microphone from bachinovo karaoke and glued it to the painted yellow paint the cardboard, knowing that I will get waste, now you can buy wireless exact copy, which, by the way, works great. Made this gadget the guys from the civilization of Vulcans. Joke, it made dudes with the Wand Company, specializing in the production of the geek-accessories-tech filling.

As already mentioned, the gadget is made not for beauty, but for completely normal operation. It even can act as a Bluetooth headset for your smartphone. And you can use as portable speakers. The device itself is made of asteroid selected Chakaten in the Delta quadrant. But as rattles made from space materials, confiscated all sorts of Mulders and Scully’s, the manufacturers write that the product is made from cast aluminum and comes with a wireless charging adapter.


And another nice bonus: the unit is capable of playing sounds and fragments of conversations with the franchise. The price of the Communicator on pre-order is $150, but the delivery has become a cherished start in January 2016. So after some months you will be able to wear the suit of a member of the crew of the enterprise and speak into the Communicator on Skype all sorts of nonsense such as fans, just like you.