The collapse of living standards, and what to do with it

Has not yet burst in 2016, and we already give you «good» news. But it so happened that shared not only rave and happy days of their readers, but the days of cruel, sinister, bristling with some kind of poisonous rubbish. So, will not long pull, and say it like it is: to live in our trembling country will become even more complex. You will probably ask: «Where else, EPTA, and so fired from work, and prices are several orders of magnitude higher?!» It turns out that perfection has no limits, and poor, conservative and optimistic forecasts, will reach 30% of Russia’s population. If to speak more strictly, analysts predict that half of the country (really, your mother, we are talking about 50 cent!) in the near future will live below the poverty line. That’s such sad news that make us sad and which we want to write.

The problem

Where we have these horrific numbers? They were represented by the Institute for social analysis and prediction Ranepa, the world Bank, Analytical center for the government of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of national economy and public administration, Center for macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecasting, that is close to the government and the «sun» structure.

A detailed analysis reveals that «non-crisis crisis» is quite a crisis. And the fact that his current social manifestations are not sharp and dramatic character, no one should be mislead.

Analysts from Ranepa –the Apolitical, which is so famous our people at all levels, backfired. It’s time to stock up on canned food, to think about new forms of income, to create cartels and to engage in bootlegging. And, my dear man, you should think about all of this as early as possible, as time goes on, and the illusory fixity of the economy distorts your perception. You can go into prostration, it is possible to bump a monk or even a dump somewhere in Guatemala. But this is an option. Away from thrash metal in recent years.

Not to say that people in our country lived in poverty in 2013 or 2014. It was actually very good, although we didn’t understand, because it was thought that all bloody awful! Funny thing – life. Defeatism has enveloped the minds of many of us, however together with it comes the madness that screams from all sides: «it’s okay, don’t worry, you’re overreacting!»

The crisis, unfortunately, has not passed, it has just begun. And who is to blame? Oil needle which broke off every vein of our country, as soon as we started be into something really ugly and cheap or, perhaps, foolish to ourselves?

I have a friend who has already moved to the next stage. He’s a fan of everything that is happening in the world, a fan of each accepted «there» solutions, and all the rubbish and rot sees in the people, and that is what we are to blame for the horror and vomit, which is now floundering. Part of it is right, because we are responsible for everything that happens. But shifting responsibility – enough a broken record, from which anybody does not become easier. People in denial, after denial comes acceptance, right? What’s next? If the company will get it and understand what kind of game is happening on the street, in Economics, in the laws in a nearby store, if it is cut, how will she react? This is of interest to us.

To rise in price, naturally, will not only products and appliances. You have to understand that almost any state machine is governed by statism, and in our case even more so. If you leave out the cockroach a few feet, then he will survive, for sure, even run more than ever to accelerate. In consumption will take a lot of your Steam account is no exception. This service also want to tax that, you know? The system will have to squeeze any juice out of each unclosed crevices, whence pours at least some cash flow. Do we see the agony or all the same there is no collapse of the Empire, and there are just temporary difficulties? Time will tell, but now it is the time to think about yourself.

The decision

In Colombia, a rather poor country by our standards, recently legalized the production of marijuana on an industrial scale for export. For medical purposes, of course. It’s funny that Colombia owned one of the most brutal repressive machinery, was aimed against drug traffickers. This was related by don Escobar and numerous drug lords. Now the world has changed, and South America continues a wave of liberal reforms. Now, our friend, how much money is in the budget will bring this idea. Certainly more than all this Platonova game.

Scientific evidence that cocaine or heroin bring some good medicine, no. If tomorrow I get such information, I’ll do with them (cocaine and heroin) as well as with marijuana.

The President of Colombia about how to raise the domestic economy –But what are we to Colombia, Uruguay and the United States? We have to think about yourself, about how not just to survive but to live, because later this month, according to Rosstat, we have 20.3 million citizens living on an income below the subsistence minimum (9673). God knows, how can you even live on the money paid for the apartment – still have to stay. But we will not leave you in the lurch and will give some tips that you just now should be.

First, you should not rely on their work. Wave of layoffs do not cease, and you have this fate, too, can relate to how you a good frame was not, it is necessary to look for new sources of income. Don’t take everything that came. Analyze the work before you promise something. If it’s extra income in addition to the main work, then the main factor will be the small expense of time and effort. Think about freelancing, although there is not so simple, or try yourself in some new role. For example, if you are a therapist, then why not hold a paid lecture on Freud in which cultural space?

Secondly, you need to save. Yes, this is a vulgar tip because if you run into difficulties, then you save. But we’re talking about a few other things. Not worth saving in order to have enough money for a longer time, and to ensure that the money saved can be put somewhere. For example, you can invest in a driving instruction if you have no rights (and now this is an extremely useful skill), or learn English, no less important. Well, or some small thing, because to start a micro-business with quite little capital.

Thirdly, sometimes it is better to emigrate. Not everyone likes to leave their country and to leave her in such a difficult time for her. But to sacrifice the family’s financial situation, their lives for the decisions you didn’t even take, too silly. I have a few friends living on the other side of the world. Some of them I still keep in touch, and here what I found out. The hardest part of emigration, acceptance of its necessity. Find the money and learn the language – it is one year, not more. But the first step sometimes is very difficult because it is aimed at the complete dismantling of his own life. The similarities of the social, economic suicide. However, there are times when this should be done.

Fourth, we should stick together. You never know where you’ll need a helping hand. Organize clubs, remember old friends, to restore probabable, make up with a hysterical roommate. This is not a list of what you need to do before you die, but a necessity for life. To live closed at the moment very dangerous. We also recommend you to take a more proactive role in the life of the city authorities. So, the regional government sometimes consults with citizens and the public, listening to different movements and public organizations. Most importantly – constructive. And perhaps have something to improve or develop in his Homeland.

In any case, the coming year will be important to you year. We warn you of the dangers you are exposed when you lose control of your life and fall into prostration. Today is not the day, and the next day not the same year to deprive yourself of the future. It’s time determine your life decisions.

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