The coffin-sofa


The Addams family should be known to you? Well, or at worst, the famous Gothic films about Dracula and other vampires. This is a classic and very cool horror films, and the image of the vampire they have is just incredible. Not that these are all modern «Twilight» and similar nonsense.

Vampires are people, or rather, he once was. Why not make your second life more comfortable, even if you’re cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to sleep on the damp ground — coat after stain. This is a bed worthy of the aristocracy of the night! Before you coffin-sofa, very comfortable and wildly good-looking, of course, is closed at the top by a cover, as expected.

Of course, to go and close the lid, you will fail, simply will not fit, if you don’t have a body thickness less than 10 cm.

All is good — very good wood, upholstery, but there is one thing — painfully the price bites. The coffin fan of Gothic will have to pay out of pocket $ 5,500.


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