The Coen brothers — or 5 components of the cult movie

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The Coen brothers are a legend. They took so many films, the incredible in completely different genres. «The big Lebowski», «to Old men here not a place» and many other good films — what’s their secret? We little thought about it and decided to make a list of 5 components Brothers movie.

1 Deception.

In what-than, and draws the Cohen has no equal. In the beginning was «Fargo.» In the credits in black and white, though the film is based on real events. Experts have ransacked all the archives of their native brothers of Minnesota — where, in fact, the action takes place. But in vain. So still in pain, if after a few years, Joel took pity and admitted that all of fiction.


The films of the Coen is an optical illusion. In the film «O brother, where art thou?» dull yellow alternate shots with lots of tones and hues that exist only in animation. This miracle is not found in nature — with the help of specially invented tzvetomira Director managed to paint the film as a sheet of paper. To top it off painted a cow, if you live to get — rare. After the disclosure of the secret Organization for the protection of animals issued a verdict: «the Scene where they harm animals, artificially simulated». A year later, a Man that never was» — at first glance a classic black and white movie with the same touch of antiquity, «under Godard». That is what «tainted» — Godard were just loaded into the camera black and white film, and the Coen on the color and then start experimenting with the negative. Why complicate things? And that we are now puzzled.


2. Friends.

The films of the Coen reminded the meeting school friends: cute, familiar faces, just all a bit older and bald, but the joy of knowing pleasant. Steve Buscemi steals the lady in «Fargo» and ends up living in the sawmill, then rises up again in the role of receptionist in «Barton Finke» and dies of a heart attack along with Donny in «the Big Lebowski».

Among the most beloved and regular actors include John Turturro, John Goodman, Michael Badalucco, John Polito. The world of the coens is always a man’s world. All roles are given to men, and only one on the entire film — the female. Other ladies if there are, then, only as decoration and for when episodes like kidnapped and quickly murdered wife in «Fargo» or potential Lolita performed by Scarlett Johansson in «the Man that never was». However, as if Mila wasn’t Julianne Moore in «the Big Lebowski», Judy Davis in «Barton Finke», Jennifer Jason Leigh in «Deputy Hudsucker» or Marcia gay harden in «Miller’s crossing», the palm, of course, given McDormand, after the filming of «blood Simple» has become, among other things, and the wife of Joel.


3. Little Surah.

The allusions and allegory, it would seem, not too fit into the realistic and somewhat cynical world of the coens. However, they are able to turn everything on its head. In their first film «blood Simple» heroine McDormand in a dream is a dead man. And shot this scene in such a way that until that moment, until she wakes up, it seems like the action is happening in her room. Viewers who know that a man was buried alive and has again raised up, waiting for a repetition. Another dream was Jeffrey Lebowski. It seems that he flies over night Los Angeles, it dream of bowling and eccentric Fashion. The awakening is coming more sharply — to sober up from the shock of the chief of police of Malibu. And if formally the first dream you can explain the accumulated fear and the second alcoholic intoxication, the real purpose is obvious: they complement the already existing confusion and jumble of deceptions and therefore seem somehow alien element.


It is for the same reason, taken for granted the miraculous rescue of Tim Robbins character in «the Deputy Hudsucker». He jumps, like its predecessor, from the window of a skyscraper. And in this moment, literally, «on approaching the ground, suddenly stop time, give him the letter and the chance to live life again. What it was: a dream, or the intervention of supernatural forces? Who knows…


The world of the Coen specific and full of details. It’s the little things reveal the characters. From the wig lining in the visiting entrepreneur to the first time so carefully crafted dresses, handbags, stockings and perfume bottles, the heroine of McDormand in «the Man that never was». And what about the scene in the bathroom where she reads a magazine and asks Thornton to shave her legs — that is, the picture of family relations. The symbol of the family’s other heroine McDormand, Marge from «Fargo» to be fried, which carefully prepares her husband before going to the service, and a sandwich that every time he brings her.


Especially recognizable are the priests of the desire to reduce the world to the size of one item. Huge keys of a typewriter, pounding on the paper the levers, moving to the right and to the left the carriage — in «Barton Finke». Pins, balls, cover the tracks, the mechanism returns the balls to the players «the Big Lebowski». Arrows, hammers, gears and other innards of a vast clock, the batter then at noon, at midnight, «Deputy Hudsucker».

5.The final

Typical kohanowski the finale is no less unexpected than the plot. Messenger, an eccentric provincial-inventor Hal-Hoop, turns out to be a successful businessman. The group «soggy» is a huge success and collects notices and becomes a key element in the campaign. Naive, frightened to death simpleton cope with a bully-killer. Unhappy ring — so again not that goes from the bottom of the flooded valley. Quiet and harmless writer-the writer wanders the beach with a box, where hidden is separated from the body of the female head. Barber gets the electric chair for a crime he did not commit, and the real murder remains unpunished. Life returns to normal — again, you can spit on everything and go to roll the balls. That this is «just a movie», how do the priests like to call their creativity.


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