The city that never return

We decided to present you a list of lost cities, once adorned on this planet and most impressive of his contemporaries for the richness and beauty. The story has a lot of white spots, and it’s safe to say that many villages are still waiting for archaeologists – people who again introduced the world to the desolate ruins and the stones, the ghosts of its former greatness.

The causes of devastation can be completely different. Some of the presents were destroyed by natural disasters, some terrible force called war, and some were abandoned by their inhabitants during the decline of civilization.

1. Troy

manygoodtips.com_26.06.2015_Jmdnafgq0HIvPA beautiful city, which has had other names: Dardania, Scamander, Ilion. It was located in Asia Minor near the Aegean coast. Troy owes its popularity primarily to Homer and his epic poem «the Iliad». Until, when still there were traces of the Trojan settlement, many scientists have hypothesized that it is the legendary or mythical way, but not a real city on the Aegean sea. However, the ruins found. Everything else Troy has been divided into 9 main layers, starting from the year 3000 B. C. E. to 400 A. E. during this huge period in this place existed in varying degrees of human settlement.

2. Pompeii

manygoodtips.com_26.06.2015_JpI66Y6p3EPsKThe ancient Roman city, which is located in the Campania region, near Naples. The city was prepared for an unpleasant fate: the eruption of Vesuvius on 24 August 79 ad it was buried under volcanic ash. The eruption led to the deaths and the city of Herculaneum and Stabiae, as well as several villages and villas. Under the heavy layer of ashes were found the remains of people and animals that tried to escape, but also houses, streets, temples intact. The eruption of mount Vesuvius was so much that ash reached Egypt and Syria. In Pompeii lived 20,000 people, most managed to escape from the ill-fated city before the eruption, but still the victims were numerous.

Now Pompeii is a Museum under the open sky, and if you are planning to visit Italy, do not miss it. The city was, perhaps, not the richest in the Roman Empire, but certainly wealthy, despite it’s numerous temples, the administration building, the arc de Triomphe, etc.

3. Tenochtitlan

manygoodtips.com_26.06.2015_ynL91JsCIXEyWThe city-state, which was on the site of the modern capital of Mexico – Mexico city. The city was a clear sign of power and greatness of the Aztec Empire, however, lasted very long. It was founded in 1325, and in 1521 was destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors under the leadership of Hernan Cortes. He was allotted a period of only 200 years. When Cortez entered the city, not only plundered it, but killed almost all inhabitants. According to historians, the city has a population of about 200,000 people. The city was destroyed, many of the buildings of the future Mexico city was built of rock capital of the Aztecs. With the fall of Tenochtitlan fell, and the Empire itself.

4. Hatra

manygoodtips.com_26.06.2015_9gLA73J9hO2d3The Parthian Kingdom was sufficiently strong government in the period of its greatness. And the city of Hatra is one of the most interesting cities in terms of the combination of Hellenistic and Roman architecture with Arabic decor. It was built before our era, it flourished in the first and second age, and the destruction occurred in the year 257, when the Persian king Shapur I of the Sassanid dynasty took over the city, and soon destroyed it.

The whole city covers an area of 500 acres, and in its center is a Palace-temple complex covers an area of 30,000 square meters. The city was an important religious centre of the ancient world, as it contained the temples of the completely different deities such as the Greek Hermes, Sumerian Nergal, Allat, the Arab, Assyrian SHAMMASH. At one time the city was called the House of God, but, as mentioned above, it was destroyed by the Persians who hated toleration with his monotheism.

5. Nimrud

By.kom.ua_26.06.2015_bRvxX6Lv8fk6FAncient city in Mesopotamia on the territory of modern Iraq. It was founded in the XIII century. B. e Shalmaneser I and after four hundred years, during the reign of Ashur-Nazir-apal II, became the capital of Assyria. In 612 BC, he also not escaped the destruction of the executioners of the city was Medici and Chaldeans.

And finally

manygoodtips.com_26.06.2015_zwI79zLHcA26nWhy all this talk about ancient cities? In the first place to the fact that you have to remember about them. This is a story that dates back millennia, and quite possibly, soon the material will not. It happened with the latest cities from our list – Chatrou and Nimrud. This spring, the militants blew these ancient monuments, which are considered world heritage of all mankind. A damage estimate is not yet possible, but no doubt we shall soon know what happened to them.

Ancient army, destroying the city, leaving the ruins that served as a reminder of the power of their weapons, the current group leave a void.

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