The cinema we need «the monster»

There are plenty of fun jobs, one has only to look! For example, in Syktyvkar have «monster-pugilist» for the theater. The guy who gets this job will have to scare people who came to watch horror movies. For example, you looked with a friend a scary movie, got in the car, was going to go home, when suddenly the window of your car looks… something. The main thing at this point — do not press accelerator and not to shoot down the unfortunate student, who will take on this work. Him another session to pass, comrades!

The main job requirements are: artistry (to scare better), physical strength (in which case fight back simply bro who decides to protect his girlfriend) and stamina (to run away if anything). Age: from 18 years. We believe that this is a gorgeous position only need to run well. And the popularity of the cinema, of course, provided!

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