The Chinese have created a robot made of liquid metal

The Chinese have created a robot made of liquid metal


While you look fantastic fighters of the 90s, the Chinese have created their heroes. You, of course, remember the wonderful robot of liquid metal? Of course, I remember! So, the Chinese have not yet established to exterminate the population of Los Angeles, cyborg, but on the way to it: designed a unique self-propelled motor from liquid metal. The chemical composition of the device is quite simple-it’s an alloy of gallium with indium and tin. If you’re saying something, we are happy for you. If you put it in a sodium hydroxide solution or normal salt solution, adding aluminum shavings, acts as a «fuel», the drop begins to move. However, she will be able to move in a straight line for hours and even overcome obstacles, like the legendary T-1000.

And, of course, the motor is able to take form depending on the surrounding space. Copy appearance of people he could not yet, but whether still will be!

All over the world work in full compared with the liquid terminator and implying that the first step towards its establishment have already been made.

However, the Chinese expect to use this miracle of technology is not for the noble purpose of eliminating enemies and for monitoring environmental conditions or as a transport in thin lines.

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