The children showed Paranormal activity instead of the movie.

Projectionists can also be wrong. They can paste images of huge bolts into family movies, but it’s a slightly different story.

The Sun reports that recently on one of the morning readings in British cinema is a good family movie «Madagascar 3» on the screen appeared the horror movie «Paranormal activity 4».

Children and their parents did not immediately realize what happened. Only after them in the face instead of the penguins and three-dimensional animals threw the bloody corpse, the audience began to guess that something is wrong.

As reported by one mother, who came to the show with his eight-year-old son on «Madagascar 3», on average, visitors took two minutes to determine that the film changed. But those two minutes were enough to break the fragile child’s psyche.

After this British mom and dad began to quickly leave the room.

Feel, man, fly, claims for poor management of this theatre. Personally, I don’t know why have to worry so much about the psyche of these children, well, well, well, corpses. The author of this article in their age of «Doom» took place on «Nightmare»

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