The Chemical Brothers released a new album

Music news directly from the glorious Manchester.

Today, one of the British super groups of the nineties, which is still afloat, for 25 years, The Chemical Brothers, back to life with the album «Born in the Echoes». The last album of the Duo of ed Simons and Tom Rowlands «Further» came out in 2010. After that, the guys worked on the soundtracks to the films «Hanna» and «the Hunger games». To albums hands did not reach. All because the Simons decided to focus on teaching, it’s amazing that he found time to record a track. In fact, so the festival HARD Summer Rowlands going to rock progressive youth alone.

For the new album «Born In The Echoes» musicians of the old tradition has attracted a few famous guests-artists: St. Vincent, Beck, Q-Tip, Cate Le Bon and Ali Love. Overall «Brothers» remained true to himself, recognizable signature sound, catchy broken bits and a pleasant gaiety. It is unlikely that he will become as iconic as «Push the button», but it can wait was nominated for «Grammy». In any case, glad that the luminaries of the genre is still something they do.

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