The challenges that you can throw yourself in on Halloween night

manygoodtips.com_26.10.2016_m5XVtBHacZ43JFor many Western cultures, Halloween is not only a lush carnival, where on the first roles are the infernal beings and the dead. Holiday also has great symbolic value, which combines the pagan overtones and Christian morality. It is difficult to call Halloween religious holiday, he to the bone of the secular.

In Russia «the feast of the veneration of the dead» has a new meaning — it became a refuge of people who wish to fight back against officialdom and vulgarity approved by the state and Church festivities. I wanted our people a holiday that allows you to relax, take a break from the «normal» world and, finally, throw your soul and body challenge, despite the fact that he thinks about most.

The culture of Halloween in Russia soon spread to bars, clubs, concert venues and cinemas, showing movies that flopped at the box office. Everyone is happy, but we would like to get beyond the bar to the occasion really stand out. This can be done in one way — to challenge myself, which will make your nerves a bloody mess.

1. To go to the cemetery… alone

Let’s start with the simple and classic action, which at one time occupied the minds of every teenager listening to Nine Inch Nails. Now you’ve grown up, but the primitive fear of dead flesh and graves have not gone away. Even a grown man it is terrible to be among the graves at three in the morning. Nor were you there at that time, if you’re not a digger who hunts for values of the newly dead.

In any case, if you have no imagination, but I want sharpness, go to the cemetery. It is possible that not only the ghosts will gnaw your soul, but approaching the cemetery and barking dogs, that are demanded by the most attentive guards.

2. Assemble an impromptu Orgy

Near your town is a forest, swamp, mountain, or at least an open field under the moon. Certainly among your acquaintances are not only colleagues, but friends, who: can break from a familiar spot, climb in the car and rush towards the unknown. If you see around you these people, your holiday of evil will remember you for a long time.

You need to take the grill, ignite the fire pit, buy firewood in advance (now in the woods they can be eaten raw) and outline the place of «the Sabbath» — away from prying eyes. Take meat, drink (the better the wine, as the ancient Greeks) and arrange an unusual camping trip in my life. The same trip to the mountains with friends and barbecue, only the shell of the pagan mysteries, which gives something forbidden. In the process, can praise of Bacchus and Dionysus, as well as spinning with drunk girl around the large bonfire.

3. Dance in front of the city administration in Uncle Sam costume if you managed to knock some time off, you have to look for entertainment in the city. For the most extreme guys we’ve found the test, which could result in a temporary detention center, although there is nothing illegal in what you did will not. So, say: slaughtered to search a combination of «Uncle Sam», look at the most recognizable in the world after the American bald eagle and fat thighs Kardashian, make yourself a costume, go out there on the street, dancing at the main administrative building of the city, expelled the video, which you twisted embittered defenders of the Russian-American hatred, morning back at work profit.

4. Pick Up Harley Quinn

It is not difficult, because their will be tens, hundreds or even thousands. Harley Quinn will walk through the main streets of the city to hang out in bars and hanging out in clubs. All different physique, but with a bias in completeness, because who is better suited short tight shorts, not friends with the physique of a Hippo? In any case, you will have to choose from, and maybe you’ll even find a decent girl who doesn’t know what they do.

Nice to know that you at least tried to sleep with one of the main symbols of the last year till next Halloween Harley Quinn are unlikely to retain their pop cultural status. But who knows, maybe we are now seeing the emergence of a new «Crow» or «the Joker», whose images are so much that even Heath Ledger will not be saved.

5. To arrange the snatch in eating sweets «Jelly Belly Bean Boozled»

If you saw yourself in the movie «Dumb and dumber», we have planned for you a special challenge — the devouring of candy. What is the complexity? That you have to find a friend who agrees with you to fight. And that candy «Jelly Belly Bean Boozled» differ with its enchanting taste palette where near the usual fruit and mint joys of eating candy with the taste of vomit, rotten eggs and smelly socks. The point of the game is that you have to guess the taste of the candy and not throw up. By the way, about the last one — always prepare a package with thick walls or a sealed container where you can send your Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. To go door to door in search of sweets

manygoodtips.com_26.10.2016_WRBW06fbuP7P6This quiet hike will not name. First, we think that you’re under thirty. You can be ugly grown man for a child fun. Secondly, people will consider you a pervert if you’d carry in a suit on the entrances and yards in anticipation of candy, and even sing songs.

So before you begin, take a good friends and be brave. The fauna of the harsh Russian sleeping areas definitely will receive you with hostility, but you probably will be able to collect a couple of bags of candy or some bruises under her eyes.

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