The ceremony of awarding the IG Nobel prize

On September 20 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, was held the 22nd ceremony of awarding the IG Nobel prize (eng. Ig Nobel Prize), which was founded by Harvard mathematician Marc Abrahams (Mark Abrahams) as a parody of a prestigious international award — the Nobel prize.

«Nose» award for the most absurd and useless open literature, medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, Economics, the struggle for peace, engineering and management. And for sverhoriginalnogo Bro research for a thematic nomination.

The list of winners of the award this year were the Russians dude — Bro engineer Igor Petrov has received awards for developed technology of transformation of explosives in tiny diamonds, and the scientist Ruslan Krechetnikov — for calculations in the field of dynamics. Was also awarded the Dutch dudes psychologists, who explained why the Eiffel tower seems lower when you look at her with a tilt to the left, and the Japanese — for the creation of a device that silences annoying interlocutor by his disorientation.

The event was also attended by the owners of these «Nobel»: the British dude biochemist Richard Roberts (Richard Roberts), the us Bro the economist Eric Maskin (Eric Maskin), American Bro chemist Hersbach Dudley (Dudley Herschbach), and others.

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