The case when the mother is not a sin

manygoodtips.com_3.09.2014_26pMqkboy4QazMoral and organized people shout at you, like you learned to choose your words. And you don’t listen to them, be with us, because we know that there are situations where you just can’t say mate. We do not think that the Mat offends a person, if it is a righteous curse.

We do not encourage you to swear every other word, or as we write in the comments «in a society with children and women,» although these «innocent» vocabulary mats at times more than you do. And in any case there are clever people who will say that the Mat must be eradicated from our vocabulary. Let them choose what they live, and what not. You have your own head on your shoulders. But again, there are things that you can’t leave without abusive commentary.

1. When your friend/roommate eats your food

Without permission! This is so frustrating! You put this treat in the morning and that asshole ate it when I woke up in the night. If you are faced with such rudeness, quite rightly, can cover the villain mate. To more he did not climb to your shelf of the refrigerator.

There are only a few things worse when you found out that the remains of the cake and kebab from last night’s birthday had disappeared. Who ate my food?!

2. When you gain weight

When you did realize that was fat. Are you constantly frustrated with dieting and bail on a workout. You’re a doormat, it’s time to cheer up myself a couple of the choicest mats.

You spent half of your salary on a subscription to this gym now scored in training? You scored your refrigerator «useful» food, and he eating chips on the couch? So you are not forgiven! The lightest punishment for you is a few obscene phrases.

3. When you dropped the phone

Especially if you have an iPhone. Somehow the owners of this gadget constantly dropping my phone. Maybe it is specifically covered in something slippery and making you give up the iPhone and bought a new screen again and again?

Hell, it’s interesting to watch people who dropped their iPhone, they rush after him, but stops for a moment, because I’m afraid to see the broken screen. No, but seriously, you look ridiculous and you just zapaterias in-flight phone.

4. When you eat something delicious

Indeed, incredibly delicious. Oh, Yes. You try this stuff and you say «Damn, this is awesome, just in slightly different words, which will give the connotation of this expression. And now you will be on top of the world.

It’s incredibly tasty, you feel it? There is nothing wrong to Zlataritsa at this point.

5. When you’re driving

More precisely, when you’re on the road met an asshole and a dick, which is cut off, or did something else on the road. You got angry and swore. Think what the big deal is, it is absolutely normal dialogue for drivers.

You say a couple of mats, just to vent my anger and so would have done each and even your girlfriend.

6. When your card rejected

When you’re standing in the supermarket and behind you a long line of people. And the cashier looked at you suspiciously and with a smile. Your payment failed or you have insufficient funds on the card. Damn, how awkward is that?

We’re not talking about a situation when you’re sure the map has the correct amount and you with peace of mind get their full food basket and at the checkout it turns out that on the map there is no money and the money you didn’t think… Yeah, in this situation you just paramaterise, at least about yourself.

Each person chooses to swear to him or not. Do not drive yourself or someone in some fictional framework. If you don’t like to use the Mat, then live with it myself. Do not disturb others to enjoy freedom.

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