The capital of New Zealand renamed for the premiere of «the Hobbit»


Dude, you probably remember the epic trilogy «the Lord of the rings» by Peter Jackson? Then you already heard that one of the books the author of the Tolkien trilogy also filmed the same Peter Jackson behind the wheel of a new Saga. The film will be a trilogy.

The creators decided to make some very interesting action: they decided to rename the capital of New Zealand for the premiere of the first part of the trilogy. The capital for three weeks will be named The Middle of Middle-Earth» («Middle of middle earth»). Noteworthy is the fact that most of the scenes in «the Lord of the rings» was filmed in New Zealand, the field of which occurred at the peak of real estate sales in this green country. Most fans of Tolkien and movies have long been considered New Zealand the Middle of middle-earth.

According to the mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-brown (Celia Wade-Brown), for the premiere of the power of Wellington will spend about 900 thousand dollars. The city will also host a festival dedicated to books and the world of Tolkien.

Premiere of the first part «the Hobbit» «the Hobbit: an Unexpected journey», will be held in Wellington on November 28. The premiere of the second film, which will be called «the Desolation of Smaug», is scheduled for December 2013. The last part of the trilogy, «the Hobbit: There and back again», will be released in July 2014.

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