The bunker in the couch


In the case of the end of the world it is urgent to hide under the bed. But I personally suggest you hide under the sofa. Why is it better under the couch? Better to hide under a specific sofa, and COUCHBUNKERS So, dude, if you know English at least at an intermediate level, then you would translate the name of the sofa as a «couch-hopper». And it’s true!

COUCHBUNKERS are in all possible colours. They are upholstered in fabric, leather and leatherette. Various colors and solutions are also available. But the appearance personally I’m not interested in, much more interesting that the inside of this interesting and almost useless inventions. And inside the couch a bullet-proof safe in which you can store different nishtyaki. Well, or to climb up there to hide from enemies. By the way, the sofa in all seriousness, can withstand a two-hour continuous pouring of fire from the flamethrower without damaging what lies in your bunker. Measurements of 2 meters length, width of 76.2 cm and depth 35 cm. In the presence of even a bulletproof cushion! Bulletproof pillows, man!!!! And they can shrug off point blank with a Magnum caliber .44.

To access the bunker you need only to tilt the cushion, to open the two locks and lift the lid. And yet we should not forget that this is a double bed! The cost of $ 8,000.

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