The brutal truth of life

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2014_YAjwH0ssSaCdrLost illusions always hurt and harden — this law opened long before Balzac with his eponymous work. However year after year people of different ages, social statuses and income levels painful break up with the usual mistakes and suffer, suffer, suffer. We will prepare you for this process and will tell you what you need to know.

1. You’re not the same person I was in high school

The social role with which you were together in school and University, as well as the obtained reputation, have a great life no value. As soon as you cross the threshold of the institution forever, with you instantly I glued the labels, and you are left naked as a clean slate on which life will leave its mark.

Those with whom you didn’t want to have anything to do in the future, you will find yourself with a quality worthy of respect. Those who didn’t want you to know will discover that there’s a lot you stand. Training is over, the situation changes, and life gives us such surprises that past we would never believe in the changes occurring in reality. Any person is worthy to be overestimated.

2. You can die

You used up all you want. God knows how you managed not to fall into an alcoholic coma as you are not killed when you wandered through the city Park at three in the morning, and you could climb buildings without insurance and helmets.

It’s time to realize that you could die. With age, you’re more and more aware that one day cease to exist. You start to care about yourself, to control your actions and wonder, how could so casually refer to themselves. Take care of your body and be careful. Be safe, eat healthy foods and drink less beer.

3. Your parents can die

How many of you can remember parents have always been close. They fed you with a spoon and swaddled when you were very young. They buy you toys and boxes, when you grew up and learned to demand. They tolerated your childish antics and walked towards you. They paid for your tuition and help to find a job. These people have always supported you — it’s hard to imagine that one day everything can change.

Now you see how they age. Reaching a certain age, they are one of its kind that remind you at every meeting that we are not immortal. One day you Wake up and realize: it can happen at any time. Over time, you learn to appreciate your parents and realize that they love you just for who you are.

You realize that a day spent on the unloved work and dealing with annoying people in your life, it would be better to drop everything and go for a family dinner. You will regret every the with them the new year holiday. You will regret not calling. Spend time with your parents. They are much better than you thought in youth.

4. About people says more their attitude than the attitude of others to them

The Golden rule by which to check for lice anyone — even the Queen, though the cashier of a supermarket. When you’re young, you like people because they like others. It is popular due to its reputation, not deeds. When you get older, everything changes.

Until you realize that to form an opinion about a person can only assess his behaviour. How he treats others, how he behaves with you — that they are the right markers! He may have a million followers on Twitter, random people can sing his praises, but they don’t know how he behaves towards others. In fact, people are what they appear alone when no one is looking.

5. A good University when you study there

Received a diploma. Life changing forever. There are places and things that will never be the same once you no longer have them.

Now you no longer interested in the lives of classmates, you are not attracted to the prospect of a drink, sitting on the floor covered with Newspapers, as it was at the dedication of the students, you don’t want to drink coffee and coke. This page is turned over.

6. Life is endless work. For all

You think you’re unlucky and do nothing, while all your friends are building luxury career and live like in the clip Jay-Z? Nothing of the sort. You have to find out that all your friends and acquaintances who work in PR, marketing or finances, hating your job and wasting away from stress.

Everyone is trying to restore order in my head and understand what they want from life. Comparisons don’t work. All is not as it seems. To become what you really want to be, you will need five, ten, fifteen years — indefinitely. The main thing — do not stop working.

7. You determine the people you’ve surrounded yourself with

Choose your friends wisely. When you’re young, friendship ties spontaneously — from a neighbor’s house or at school. With age, the friendship is determined by how long you can communicate and get pleasure from it. And whether friend to get you out of jail or detox. Joke. Friendship is important for a successful life. If you surround yourself with fakes, you’re screwed. They will parasitize on your success and sell you when they have the opportunity.

Loyalty, reliability, support — that’s what matters. Life is full of people wanting to be there when you’re well, and who will be there for you in difficult days? Friends will help you to get rid of the corpse? You always thought it an exaggeration? You never know what lies ahead of you.

8. Your heart can be broken and repaired more times than you thought

You’ll love more than once. More than once you will break my heart. And feed it to the bear. Every time you think that this is the end of the world and you personally that nothing will be fine, but eventually you’ll be back to get in shape. And finally you will feel that nobody will love. But loving people is important. Love teaches you how to sacrifice yourself, to be gentle, helpful, kind and grateful. The more times you break the heart, the more you risk, again handing it to someone. You learn that the risk is always justified. And life always continues.

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