The British government is not going to destroy badgers

The British government has postponed for a year the program of extermination of badgers. What hurt the fuzzy animals of the government of Albion?

The fact that badgers are carriers of bovine tuberculosis.

The creatures wanted to destroy even this summer, but prevented this significant event the Olympics 2012. After the Olympics, a good time killing small predators was lost and the shooting is only possible in the next year.

Project for the destruction of noxious animals was greeted bred in a huge number of societies for the protection of animals, which is the extermination of thousands of predators seemed like a good idea. There were mass protests. There was even a funny campaign with dancing people in costumes badgers… Fun people live in London, friend.

The badgers have divided British society. Many scientists believe that their destruction significantly affect the spread of tuberculosis in cattle. And under the petition to protect these animals, initiated by Queen guitarist Brian may, was signed by 160 thousand people.


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