THE BRADLEY TIMEPIECE — another interesting way to measure time, 16.07.2013, XP37GWbL80pBsPFhKRE1gbPA7iNALx2t

Wrist watch seems to be gradually fading, but they never can leave on time and quickly. All the people, even though wrist watches tend to find in your bag or pocket on your phone and see the time there. Somehow we have this habit came into use. But wrist watch is still afloat, it seems, only as a style item and a thing with an unusual design.

In our section truly original watch , THE BRADLEY TIMEPIECE, which gathered a decent budget on Kickstarter, and even began to be sold. What’s so original? First, the case is made of titanium. Pretty cool, huh? Second, counting minutes and hours is with the help of small ball bearings. The hour hand is on the upper part of the body, and it is easy to find. Also the minute hand is on the side of the watch, and it is also easy to find. For me, such a watch is perfect for measure time in total darkness, for example, in the cinema.

How they work, I’m in the shower don’t understand. The straps are attached various: fabric, leatherette, metal. The cost is known — $ 150., 16.07.2013, 18IFOXOqogkEXdhDVWfLIlWVmUfZABpx, 16.07.2013, f4TTsnFcONMyPTk44X7lzkVE4KvYdWyD

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