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As in the «Guide for traveling through the Galaxy hitchhiker», we have a slogan that reads: «don’t be a stranger!» Only now we believe that we should not only not be lost, but to be always ready for anything. And in order to be always ready for everything, it is necessary to have some no devices for the convenience. Most importantly, these devices conveniently moved and didn’t take up much space. Is the bracelet takes a lot of space?

We present to your attention another product of a gloomy genius, which is a bracelet, which hides a sharp wire, able to cut a small tree for a couple of minutes. This procedure is quite easy, because the wire handles attached. The length of the wire is 9.5 inches, on top of it just in case with tungsten carbide. This makes it even more severe. Case, and part of the bracelet is made of nylon.

Not to say that devising extremely comfortable and gives, but in SPECIAL situations can help., 29.07.2013, dMYcIFJPIJDn327cEEGwhrIgK3r1OmAC, 29.07.2013, smMizDoo9i8jQLFlJPJSlcyadtT12OTR

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