The boy from Stavropol stole 150 thousand rubles and spent it on prostitutes.


Hmm, this kid is definitely a specific fate. Although, we don’t even know what it is.

12-year-old resident of the city of Georgievsk arrived in the city of Pyatigorsk, and for the sake of money. He decided that trifles cannot and did not earn. And to steal.

Dude went to the «Magnet», and when the cashier turned around, the guy you pulled from the cash register a pack of five thousandth bills. But dude it was not enough, he also robbed passers-by. Little slick!

After receiving the necessary amount of money, the guy returned to his native village of Georgievsk, called a cab, gathered his friends and went to the sauna. In the sauna guy took out the girls.

At the same time the boy was looking for his older brother, who went to the police. Boy, by the way, for three years does not live with his mother behind him watching big brother, the mother has relinquished her duties.

Now the kid is looking at three years in a special school. What will happen to him next? Will Rob large «Magnets» with 11 friends.

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