The bottom has not been reached, so stop whining

Sometimes, during free fall from the top of the food chain we feel a strange pain. She suggests that the bottom has been reached, and worse can not be. We begin to drown own worthlessness in alcoholism and depression, Obuasi from impotence. But it is not to lean, because in life there is always a double bottom, which turns out to be a grave. And most importantly, those moments which seem to us to be fatal, in fact, are not. Enough to wipe the tears of the orphan-sad and look at life without hysteria.

You got fired Dismissal is not the end of life, and its immediate beginning. See how it turns out: we don’t work to live, not live to work. Is this salary enough to live? So you can fully say that begins a new stage of life. If for some reason things did not work — so this place is not yours. Can believe in fate, believe it or not, but if something were staggered — so sooner or later you will fall.

Yes, I will have to leave the comfort zone to take on interviews, a little podkormit, but a psychological jolt necessary. Look at you: you have ceased to live, became nervous, muddy and vicious.

If you were smacked out their lives in mindless, almost robotized operation, if you have evolved as a specialist, you will be able to find a new job, even better. It is actually in your hands. But if you work hard, announcing himself as the Executive responsible employee, the boss you will find a way to save. Not work? Stop the trembling in my knees, it’s just a job! You’re not sick, only drove. So, we need to look at life unvarnished, healthy looking and not fussy.

Left you

Love — she always comes and then leaves. I think couples who have been married for 585746 years and told reporters on his happy personal life, servile to the end love each other every day of your lives together? No, of course not, what nonsense. Love has a shelf life, and over time it develops into love and mutual respect. And if you’re lucky — you will just be comfortable together. Although most of the time you spend in the «do what you want, just do not touch me».

Consequently, don’t shed crocodile tears if someone left you. Rejoice: it means that your relationship ended at the peak of adoration and then would become a boring routine. It’s a shame, of course, when you throw it, it hits self-esteem. And even in the most unexpected moment, when you suspected, but failed to prepare.

Look, if Romeo and Juliet had survived their teenage hysteria and lived for five years in wedlock, it is no romance left. Conventional marriage is paternalistic Italy of the middle ages — the wife indulges the husband, who uses it exclusively as an indicator of your own well being and the reproductive body. Maybe they would be gentler to each other, but nothing more.So don’t cry, love comes and goes, but your have ended in such an unpleasant way. Just take two fingers in his mouth and all my love problyuysya — you’ll see, it will be easier. Find yourself another beauty, which over time will also get. Sometimes, it smacks you in the early morning tray of coffee, and you start to cry from despair, not realizing you’re blasted, it you very much.

Expulsion from the University

Considering the modern education system, you just stopped wasting time. Processes in universities, so ridiculous it all went to fuck. Better go work, gain some experience, and then, if necessary, arranged for extramural studies.

Of course, sad that the bright College years will fly by, but in the end you are to blame. You deduct for that? For academic failure? For truancy? Who’s stopping you to learn? So not very desirable. So, there were better things to do. The fact that the parents will be angry and will stop to Finance it no problem, but I’ll try adulthood when the majority of peers gathers on the mayonnaise in a sweaty Dorm. And for parents don’t worry, they’ll get used to it — you will be disappointed, for example…

Is someone pregnant, you’re gonna be a dad! You, of course, so not ready for this, but who cares? Child care, child maturing. Do not hurry to go into a loop and disappear from the horizon, because the child is not to blame for your irresponsibility. It is clear that mommy and Chad you have even liking each other no, but who said you must marry? Marriage you still do not succeed, except that her dad was a paratrooper will make you to lead a daughter down the aisle. Can not be forced, and you flee anyway.

Sadly, of course, what happened, and the parents do not approve. But the responsibility for their child must have, otherwise will join the club of irresponsible bastards. Pay him attention, give me the money, take it under the wing. You owe him, not the same irresponsible mothers, and this is help the situation. Don’t be modeccin daddy, who disappears from the radar, and stay out of the marriage — this will be the biggest mistakes of your lives. Just be nearby and periodically come around when it’s necessary. For the sake of the child, not the mother.

Bad disease

Many are very worried about their disease. Of course, a panic attack is unpleasant, but that’s no reason to climb out the window. Even with epilepsy can enjoy life. Of course, if you’re not Ian Curtis, and the purpose of your life — not to go down in history under the flag of a dead hero. Read our article about living with psoriasis and you will see that even this, the most uncomfortable sore has made men hermits.

Same is the case with diabetes. You Know Pele? From an early age is suffering from diabetes affliction, and nothing in well over 70 looks sprightly black cucumber and will give odds to others. Just need to rebuild my life. Even if you are blind or lost a limb — not everything in life. You just need to build your daily routines so that they are not marred by disease, and do not lose presence of mind. Peter Dinklage lives a full life as a dwarf, and Andrea Bocelli love, not paying attention to his blindness.

Moreover, the author of this article had the good fortune to chat with one guy with cerebral palsy who, despite this, it earns money independently and solo travels around the world. And gets savage in such inaccessible places that not every Bear Grylls had been there. The guy is curve and oblique, hardly moves, and nothing — not a bit shy of the own disease, continues to evolve and is quite a popular poet and photographer. Once again: doing everything yourself and not whining. Due to the fact that at one point he wasn’t offended by this unjust world, and continued to work on himself, around him there are always people, everyone knows it and nobody sees it as invalid. Because with him I wonder if his language and speech would be the envy of all those spiritual freaks who consider themselves to be beautiful.

The death of loved ones

If the dictionary was such a thing as «the death of loved ones», then it would have to write this explanation: «the Inevitable process that worry». It will take time. It is unlikely your deceased loved ones would love to know that their death has caused you all this discomfort. If sorrow had any worth, then this life would not be worth a penny.

The pain of loss is part of life whether you like it or not, such a world. So wipe the snot and tears and be prepared for new attacks.

The whole world doesn’t understand you

Come on, the author of this article for up to five years thought that his name was «fuck» because that sounded more often. Try to change the circle in the appropriate to your interests. How much would we not talked about our uniqueness, we are still terribly banal individuals, similar to each other. So it is not necessary to include Placebo and Brian Molko saying «thank you» because he’s the only one who understands you in this unfriendly world. People who understand you, located directly behind the wall, but they need to find. Here wall-e was not afraid and went in search of the magic robotyki, what prevents you?

There is another option, but it is difficult to develop communication skills. Not the fact that will work, but the learning carries more meaning and use than a dull nagging.

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