The body asks for mercy

manygoodtips.com_18.06.2015_buzng6UGubcmSSometimes sports activities, in addition to moral and physical pleasure brings a wonderful gift called pain. This pain prevents you from doing, and sometimes to live a normal life. Clearly, at the primary level you will be accompanied by the familiar burning sensation. But then you can improve the shape absolutely painless. We are not talking about broken bones and rivers of blood, but even if aching bones and muscles do not get you a meet, it would be useful to learn how to avoid unpleasant sensations.

Cramps and spasms

Sometimes the discomfort after a workout seems nice and helpful. Feel like John McClain, has just saved the world and sent in a pleasant languor for the rest. But there are examples that are completely useless. The case is about the cramps. No matter what you do yoga or weight training hardware, this happens even with artists of the ballet. Just so, the body sends you a signal that you demand too much of him. Weakened in daily life muscles suddenly falls to overload. It is clear that regular exercise will keep you from this torment. In addition, you should thoroughly stretch and warm up, especially in the cold season. Don’t try to take the «Olympic height», by choosing maximum weight. Approaches need to be performed with a gradual increase in weight. To stretch marks is best to start when the muscle is warmed up a little and woke up. To start training with them is not necessary. Oh, and most importantly, drink lots of water, drink as much magnesium as you should.

Pain in the joints and around them

With injuries of the elbow, shoulder and hip joints, as well as all the other members meet all professional and very athletes. It does not matter, you been hitting the iron or engaged in artistic gymnastics.

To protect your joints ariagno and arhislozhno. Do not sleep at night up to 40 years for mercilessly aching joints, over which you once mocked in the gym, really stupid. However, with proper exercise, equal to operating weight, proper diet and sleep fitness healthy joints and ligaments, is only getting better. We take athletes whose joints also suffer from the infinite «light» loads. If worn joints as old boots, in order to avoid arthritis they prescribe exercises with the weights. However, they need to carry out under the relentless control of his master and it is advisable to visit a doctor. Self-medication in this case – a road to nowhere.

Problems with the spine

Sick spine is the plague of our century. Endless protrusion, herniation, torn power loads, the vertebrae do not add health. Rod – it is certainly good. But here, as in the case with most tablets, one cure – another cripple. However, not only sport is killing your spine. Oddly enough, the quarry can cause even more damage. And we are not talking about the port workers and office prisoners who turn to chiropractors if not most of the athletes. The complete inactivity and lack of movement add to the problems the back.

The reasons are many, up to heavy bags behind. And someone to solve the problem, you need to regularly load back, abs and buttocks, but someone without medical intervention anywhere. Again, try to avoid self-medication. To remedy the situation, you need to go to the doctor and getting a diagnosis, and only then with the help of a trainer to choose the exercises.

Burning the workout and long after

Burning in muscles is the Yin and Yang of all training required attribute any physical activity. Of course, beginners. Many associate it with lactic acid that has accumulated in the muscles. The more repetitions, the greater the amount of acid seething in muscle tissue. The first few repetitions are for muscle fuel – glycogen, and then it goes on the glucose, sugar in the blood: if its decay produces acid, which leads to «explosion». If you’re too delicate to tolerate it, stop at the first sign of discomfort. Take a break and relax. But if you don’t care about such things, if you’re a real man who is not afraid of trouble if you just want to become fitter, continue through burning. It will still be held in the next few hours, and you can even speed up this process with easy curiosamente, hot bath and massage.

Delayed muscle soreness through the day

The next day after training you Wake up, raise his hands to wipe his eyes and… can’t do that! The hand trembles in a pleasant languor. Every action causes pain, discomfort and tears, as day turns to Hell and a real test. What is the reason?

This is the result of microtrauma of muscle fibers that you tormented a heavy load and frequent repetitions. No wonder we remembered the pleasant languor, for the lung damage, the body injects hormones of pleasure. But don’t expect much euphoria and delight. The maximum of pleasant feeling, without orgasms.

To get rid of this, there are many folk remedies. The simplest way to cease to mock the body and do so many iterations that do not increase the weight and exercise in a normal rhythm. Well, as they say dying mentors in fairy tales: «Listen to your heart,» or, in this case, «your body.» However, more details about the recovery process can be read here.

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