The bet that changed the world

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_fWFhqdJCoFszZA pair of popular and generally pointless exercise, who likes to indulge in every drunk, arguing that it will be able to pronounce belching the entire alphabet. But there were epic disputes that affect the course of human history and in some ways even change the world. Don’t believe? Read below.

1. The creation of the field of nanotechnology

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_5n4FIy071SNftIt would seem that gambling and doctors of science – things a little compatible, but, in fact, the people who are developing cancer drugs and create death rays, often begin krupnomasshtabnye research projects only in order to win an argument. They do such so often that in Wikipedia you can find a whole article devoted to this topic.

A similar assumption we have gradually moved to the creation of this scientific field, nanotechnology – science, responsible for the creation of microscopic mechanisms and their spectrum is very broad, since various creams for the skin and ending with cowards.

In 1959, physicist Richard Feynman talking with a friend about all sorts of scientific things and Affairs, described a fantastic future in which scientists will be able to shrink computers, medical equipment and other large things to the miniscule size. Recall that at that time computers were about the size of a house and worked on whale oil, so the term, expressed by Feynman, considered meaningless, and the scientist is an idiot. Feynman decided to throw down a challenge to the scientific community, using not intelligence, but money. He made a bet that if somebody will create a working engine, a length of one side not exceeding 1/64 inch, which is approximately equal to the size of grains of salt, he will pay a huge by the standards of money, namely $8000. Maybe later he realized that he overreacted, but as time went on, and the great inventors is not looming on the horizon. It’s been more than six months, when a bill McLellan with the help of sophisticated scientific equipment – tweezers and toothpick – able to build a motor meets the requirements of the scientist. Motor done 2,000 rpm, weighed 250 micrograms, and the size was smaller than the head of a pin and consisted of 13 parts.

Feynman even though he was disappointed with the result, but he fulfilled his promise. He expected that the creation of such motor drags a new technological breakthrough, but the person that won the bet, was just a guy, whose hands grow whence it is necessary, and it is nice to make money, with absolutely no relation to science. But this pair has pushed scientists to take more seriously the creation of the functional mikrobasic. In 1980 Kim Eric Drexler popularized the idea and founded a field of molecular nanotechnology, and for the inspiration it thanked Feynman.

2. The creation of world-renowned short stories

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_SBqf4gQsWxM5cMany of the stories deemed worthy representatives of classical literature, came to light only because their Creator once said : «Hey, you! A miserable scribbler, so I dare you to write something worthwhile!»

Where to start… for Example, Theodore seuss Geisel, who became famous after he became a doctor of philosophy in the field of child ritmologia. Until the end of the 1950s, from his pen has published several successful children’s stories, including a touching story about the ugly Goblin with a big heart. One day in 1960, seuss was out hunting with his publisher Bennet CERF (Bennett Cerf), when he decided to throw the writer a challenge and got 50 bucks that Dr. seuss would not be able to write a sensible story using 50 different words or less. Interestingly, the man in the head when he speaks out loud in a negative way about the mental abilities of the interlocutor, which at this moment keeps a loaded gun? Suze, contrary to the expectations of Surf, concocted a story that could fit into two Twitter messages. The result is a book that today know most speak English, «Green eggs and ham». Subsequently, this children’s story has not only become one of the most popular but also one of the best selling.

But let’s from baby talk will move on to a more serious conversation. How about Hemingway? Once the author’s incredible stories and an avid drinker just sat at the bar, when some guy bet 10 dollars that he will not be able to write the history of the six measly words. Hemingway by the time I drank enough to have a good mood and inspiration, so I accepted the challenge and wrote: «For sale: baby shoes, never been worn» («For sale: baby shoes, never used»).

Won ten bucks the writer, most likely, immediately spent on booze, and the story he later called his best work. Even today this little story inspires other authors to write compelling stories, using a minimum of words.

3. Excellent earnings on the film, which has not been removed

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_nDoS8hanTLOr2You probably know that the original trilogy of «Star wars» molded on the move, as almost all the initial ideas and concepts George Lucas was sent to the furnace. Steven Spielberg, who is friends with the Director of the cult Saga, said that he was extremely dissatisfied with their child because of his crazy plans were not implemented, so he made with Spielberg bet, betting on the failure of the «Star wars».

In an interview, Spielberg talked about how Lucas once looked on the set of the movie «Close encounters of the third kind», which was supposed to come out at the same time as «Star Wars». Lucas did not have time to praise the scale and magnificence has not yet completed the work of Spielberg and predicted his «Star wars» absolute failure. Comrades decided to make a bet: if the box office of «Star wars» will exceed the cash charges Close encounters, Spielberg would get 2.5% of the revenues of the film Lucas and the rest of your life and Vice versa. «Close encounters of the third kind» has collected a total of $337 million, while «Star wars» turned into a franchise, the total profit which is 65 times higher than the fees for Spielberg. And even today, the revenues from it bring good money. Spielberg admits that still regularly gets checks in the mail with mocking captions.

4. Association of people from two warring countries

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_AHckWgyJvBlDDAfter the war for the Independence of the feud between the old England and the New world lasted for centuries. By 1870 the States have already taken part in two wars against Britain, and they answered openly supported the Confederacy during the Civil war, virtually speaking, and rejoicing over the prospects of the collapse of the United States. Therefore, it is easy to imagine what kind of shit American politicians and Newspapers loved to pour on the heads of the British.

But there was one Yankee named Gilbert Bates, who decided that such an attitude is a relic of barbarism, behavior, unworthy of civilized people. In 1872 he made a bet: he bet a hundred dollars against a thousand that will be 480 km from the Scottish border to London, dressed in American military uniform and holding a six-foot American flag.

Friends Bates strongly discouraged him from this undertaking, and predicted a catastrophe similar to the soccer riots. But in the end they had to admit they were wrong, because Bates was not only able to go all the way without any problems, but in the way of his route, he met many helpful and kind people who provided him with shelter and food. Bates was constantly surrounded by crowds of people, wanted to shake his hand and Express their respect for his country. When Bates arrived in London, the British arranged for him a feast, where the stars and stripes flag was raised next to the Union Jack. After that American politicians and Newspapers who were trying to start a war between the Americans and the British had to face. And he Bates refused honestly won thousands of dollars, as the said that this case was something more than a question of money.

5. The creation of the most important scientific work in history can inspire a scientist to a great discovery? Of course, the opportunity to make a little extra dough! The great Newton was not alien to human desires and passions… But we are running ahead.

In 1683, a Christopher Wren, speaking with an astronomer, raised the question on filling: why planets move in elliptical orbits instead of moving in a circle. The answer to this question he was not given any this astronomer, who blushed and turned pale, not knowing what to say, nor the world scientific community. Ren decided to make a bet: he bet 40 shillings – about $ 100 – that in two months nobody will be able to find an explanation for this phenomenon. And then came in sir Isaac Newton, who apparently much needed 40 shillings.

He spent studying the issue for about two years. Of course, the money he received, but was so engrossed in this question of what knowledge and ideas had on the creation of a «Mathematical principles of natural philosophy» («Philosphiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica»). The book became one of the largest and most influential scientific works of all time. The famous three laws of Newton described it in his «Principles», along with many other theories of the underlying physics. If one wise guy did not dare to bet, then maybe there wouldn’t be some physics that we know today.

And, by the way, Johannes Kepler, who first noted that planets move in elliptical orbits, and which thus indirectly was the reason for the work of Newton, made this discovery just because I made a bet with one of my colleagues that will be able to determine the orbits of the planets in eight days. He actually spent eight years, but, on the other hand, we are told that the scientists of the master to make a bet, not to win them.

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