The best ways to Wake up and tune in to work


Monday may start on Saturday and the drain in the middle of the week. Monday in General is not tied to the day of the week, Monday is a state of mind, when you do not want to go anywhere and work when the soul is still a weekend or holiday. That disgusting feeling that you HAVE to go to work, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired and not able to work. It’s cold outside, at work is not cool, because you need to work hard. Do you think that this article is somehow not in time? Actually no! As found by some researchers, the environment for man cooler Monday, and women are the worst look at 15:00 sharp on Wednesday. How to revive your corpse after a weekend or even mid week? We will tell you.

1. A hearty Breakfast

Let’s say that you did that; let’s say that your lukewarm corpse sat up on the blanket and even stepped on earth — what to do to freshen up? The most important thing in such a situation — enjoy a hearty Breakfast a delicious full Breakfast. In category Food, we have started a new build «the Perfect men’s Breakfast», you can look, although there is little recipes. First, Breakfast should be hot. Second, it needs to be pretty tight, that is, it should be as much as you can eat in the morning. Some dudes in the morning almost can’t eat some in the morning you can eat only a little, and someone wakes up in the morning ravenous. You can cook yourself porridge with milk, you can make an omelet with vegetables, can be fried toasts or croutons. Hot Breakfast is better absorbed by the body. In the morning, and eat candy, you’ll get mental work, man. Well, if physical, how much more.

When I picked up throughout the day and Breakfast is considered a waste of time, my performance was low. Or rather, I didn’t know about it. Sometimes my Breakfast generally consisted of cigarettes (left) and a mug of black coffee without sugar. When in the morning I was there, I felt it was faster to Wake up and get more done. When my diet was enriched with dense balanced Breakfast, I started to Wake up around 9 o’clock and feel during the day is much, I repeat much better!

2. Coffee

Start your day with a drink that contains a lot of caffeine. I mean not a circle. Strong black tea and coffee are best friends at the beginning of the day. Caffeine is a real God’s gift, especially on Mondays. I don’t know who came up with the brilliant idea to grind coffee beans, boil the resulting dust and drink the resulting hot mixture slide. Probably, coffee is the best of all is not prohibited stimulants. Of course, the caffeine can become addicted and suffer from headaches when unable to drink a Cup of coffee, but if not abused, it will be cool. Remember that the max per day or three cups of coffee!

3. Do something not work-related.

At work, you can always find a little time for yourself, right? Start working day with, that has nothing to work! Read a few lines of a book, solve a Sudoku, go to look on a news site, at least on YouTube look to the cats stare. It will set you in the mood, and you realize that life is a good thing, and consists not only of work, discouragement at home. Give yourself a little time: so it will be easier to focus on the work. Only a short time.

On the way, you can and should read a book or listen to the radio. The main thing — to begin to delve into what is happening, it is even useful.

4. NAP

On the way to work, if your working day starts at 8 am or even earlier, it would be awesome to sleep. Ideally, you can take a NAP at work, only it’s a very big risk. In one case, Napping helps to overcome the criminal appetite for sleep, but for some dudes it makes you want to sleep on a regular basis. To these I belong. As soon as I start to doze off in transport, this means that 10 hours before I vegetable. I am dozing off on the table and propped up his head with his hand, looking at the monitor. And almost can’t even understand what’s going on, I assure you, and use me virtually no. Better I read something..

5. Listen to the music

This method is, I believe, the best. Not only will it help pass the time, but will significantly improve performance, in my opinion. Music certainly helps to do some work. Some surgeons listen to music during operations, because it adjusts to the best way. One of the worst things in the morning, anyway, in the middle or at the beginning of the week is to listen to the annoying chatter of colleagues. If you start your day with something uplifting, fast and frantic AC/DC, you won’t listen to what communicate with colleagues. Even if you do respect and love. Obviously, headphones are very important here. Hammer on things like politeness, she fuck are actually not needed. This courtesy is simple hypocrisy to convince people around that you do not spit on them. Surely their conversations suck and they don’t want to hear from you.

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