The best way to remove fat from belly

Throughout the winter you gained weight, though preparing for the upcoming world hunger, but the hunger has not come — now you’re a brave man, and your belly you are not happy. Perhaps now you think how to cope with their excess weight, and if more precisely — how to get rid of the abdomen. There are several traditional options: to eat nothing, eat special additives (which are often useless), day and night to spend on the treadmill. If you do, you will soon realize that burn belly fat is much more difficult than in other parts of the body. This problem, which can be explained by our anatomy.

In the abdomen there are two types of fat. Visceral fat is deep inside our body. It surrounds and protects internal organs. You will not be able to see and feel the visceral fat because it lies under the belly muscles. Subcutaneous fat is no longer the case it’s easy to find hands. Thus, if visceral fat just to get rid of subcutaneous quite difficult — have to sweat. The reason is that visceral fat is a lot of blood, which increases the permeability of the hormones that cause the breakdown of fat cells. Subcutaneous fat is more static, and hormones to get it to work. Sad to know all this, but we’ll help you.

The General opinion is that the main enemy of the subcutaneous fat is cardio workout. Lifting weights, however, is the fact that it is only necessary to increase muscle mass. But such a view is fundamentally wrong.

But first, let’s explain how you need to treat your body. The stomach is a Bank account, but instead of storing money it stores energy. You know that if you spend more money than you earn, you account you have nothing left. Built on this principle of all effective diet. When you spend more calories than you consume — the stomach is gradually disappearing. In other words, you deliberately reproduce the energy deficit. Better when this gap is achieved by a combination of diet, weight training and cardio workouts.Contrary to popular belief, the best way to get rid of the abdomen is not the purchase of cardio equipment. You can not only bet on it. Lifting heavy things is not just for people who want to build muscle. Strength exercises are good because they help you to lose weight. Here it is necessary to understand the following:

— If you have muscles but you get rid of the belly by alone heart rate training, then these muscles will begin to melt.

— If you’re only on the diet, the weight loss will come not only from fat but from muscles.

Strength exercises are needed not only in order to retain muscle tissue. In one of numerous experiments, East Carolina University, the researchers were able to prove that lifting weights increases the intensity of fat oxidation after exercise. If to explain on fingers, the situation is thus. At the moment, even if you’re sitting behind the computer monitor, you’re wasting energy — you’re burning fats. If you work out with dumbbells a couple of hours ago, the consumption rate of this energy would rise significantly, because the power consumption is significantly increased. This is true within 24 hours after a workout. Even the metabolic rate increases more than 10%. But that’s not all. The number of fat cells that split right in the stomach, 80% more during, and immediately after training than before training.

If we talk about food, we can’t disappoint. It seems that some people want to hear that there are «good» foods and «bad» foods, and what better way to get rid of belly is the consumption of «good» products or consumption of «bad». This is complete nonsense. If you say that dark chocolate, blueberries and avocado burn fat, then immediately write that person the honorary title of idiot. Of course there are certain spicy foods (e.g., red pepper), which increase the metabolism. But the overall effect from increased metabolism in this way is absolutely worthless. Hardly a short-term increase metabolism will affect your tolstoty.

But ignoring the diet is impossible. We believe that it is necessary to use the term calorie, and nothing else. For example, there is one nutrient — protein. This is your biggest one desire to remove belly fat. Protein allows you to quickly get enough. If you ate a Breakfast rich in protein, then at lunch you don’t eat everything that moves. Protein also helps muscles to stay in shape, if you really decided to sit down for diet it as a building material for muscles. To compare protein foods with non-protein just. For example, you have a candy bar (comprised of carbohydrates and fats) and is a chicken breast (protein). These two products have an identical number of calories, but chicken breast will satiate you, but chocolate — no. That’s the advantage of protein.

Let’s summarize, and then you might get confused. The best way to get rid of the abdomen is to create a system in which the calorie intake is less than their consumption. This truth you should have known before, but special attention should be given to strength training and protein, not just running and starvation. Be patient and you won’t have to wait very long cherished the results.

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