The best way to relieve

The resignation cake

Sometimes you realize that you need to do something new, what you haven’t done before ever. The old work remains only to quit because it no longer meets your requirements. And should quit… beautiful!

Chris Holmes (Chris Holmes), worked as a customs officer at London airport, sent the office a letter of resignation that is… cake. On the surface of the cake cream was written everything you need. In short, the text on it reads that Chris day release was 31 years old, and he learned a lot in his life, rethought a lot of things of value. Besides, his recently born son, with whom the man wants to spend more time. But the most important thing that the business Chris on making beautiful and original cakes is booming, and it is not necessary to do boring paperwork, now only family and a nice job-a hobby that brings in money. Admit it, dude, the guy’s got nice handwriting. I think that the command of Chris, his act will not forget.

On Facebook, Chris has supported several thousands of likes. People interested in his products and came to see what he prepares cream and cakes. Feel that Holmes starts a good life. And the way to work, we believe, is just great!

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