The best way to get revenge ex

how to get revenge on ex

Who among us has not experienced an unexpected meeting with his ex! Unfortunately, we are not all such rotations are prepared, moreover, endemic most men have no idea how to behave in such situations, especially when the gap was hard.

Most of the men, which the woman threw, making a huge, unacceptable mistake by showing her how empty is their life after her passing. Even after months or years some guys continue acting like a child, and even to show jealousy of his former friend.

Sincere is so short-sighted that you don’t control your facial expression and gestures. Why are we acting so stupid? In General, we all want to make her regret the evil deeds and the plaintive agony in front of her soulless eyes.

«Thank God I dumped him»

Unfortunately, our plans often are collapsing. Most often women are judged on their former very sharply. Instead of regret and guilt, the first thought that POPs in their head: «well, Well, I broke up with him».

So women rationalizers and are trying to prove to myself that I made the right decision. So if you want to act all shy, cute and humble as the guy unjustly wronged, for his great love, better forget about it. This behavior you only show your own weakness and make her think badly of you.

The best way to behave with your ex just being friendly, not giving any signs of emotional attachment or regret. Showing her that you’re successful and not worried because of what happened between you two, you give the impression that it wasn’t a great loss.

The sweetest revenge

Like most normal men, you still do not feel very well, because she decided to end the relationship. Even if it’s going well for you, you still hold a grudge. The best remedy is the sweetest revenge of all times and peoples, namely, to become successful.

So, dude, we’ve all been dumped, and instead of then lock up the house and continue to fall in the eyes of the public on school, work and home, better to get out there and kick ass.

Getting in shape

It’s time to lose the fat. Don’t waste energy regretting the accident itself — sign up to the gym and get in shape. The fastest way to get over a breakup with his girlfriend is to be happy with yourself. In addition, it is also the best way to attract women’s attention to their temporal, but quite a nice body.

Become better

When you’ve been dumped, this is the best time for reflection. Use it to do things that before you never have enough time. Spend time with family, learn to drive a motorcycle, go camping, learn Spanish.

Stay in a Sorority

Surround yourself with beautiful, sexy, tall, smart, stupid, fat, ugly, low, young and old women. Your plan is to make as many friends as possible, for three reasons:

  • first, the more women around you, the more women you attract;
  • secondly, when you are surrounded by women, you’re hard to be biased against them (and after the breakup it happens to men very often);
  • thirdly, you will have a wide choice.

Don’t go with sour

People who sit quietly in a corner and feel sorry for yourself, no one likes you. People who are happy and watch with interest to life, are more likely to acquire social ties. Magic man will always enjoy success with women.

Pump your sexual skill

Make it your goal. More positions, techniques, toys and different difference — all the women will love it!

Financial stability

Learn hard work hard, do everything to the maximum. Whatever work you’re doing, try and strive to be the first. The reward will not take long, and the money will flow to you the river.

Let her know

Revenge will not be sweet, if your ex finds out everything about you in detail. Make sure she knows about the wonderful changes in your life. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to urgently send her a scan of the magazine, the cover of which adorn you in person — just to spread news and rumors shared among friends and family members. So they definitely deliver to her this news.

And you will have success

The sweetest revenge is to live well, despite everything and in spite of all. If you cast, you have the time and motivation to help you succeed. Believe me, there is no feeling better than meeting your ex after a couple of years and it to be without weight, in expensive clothes and next to a beautiful woman. Go ahead and try.

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