The best way to get a lady

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A breakup is hardly a very nice thing. many men are making desperate attempt to reclaim his lady love, when you realize that she is the one. Well, or so they think, at least.

This pole with a complicated name Andrzej Czapka survived the breakup, and decided to bring it back, but what was his surprise when he learned that his actions have made her suffer a lot more than parting with a friend. The fact that Andrzej was only the longing to regain what was his Panochko, but there was one problem: the guy doesn’t have any money. It is not surprising that they broke up.

Instead of anything to earn a gift to the girl, Andrew just decided to steal it. But for his trouble near the shop of the florist was a report in live. Instead of listening to the boring speech of the reporter, people watched in the background is the loser Andrzej was stealing flowers for his beloved.

Obviously, the jerk was caught. Police Czapka admitted that he did not notice the TV crew, and was passionate about his plan. Don’t know what will happen with this dude, but the story is so touching, how absolutely meaningless.

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