The best way to escape from the attention of men, 20.06.2013, roIoN8Yu7wQahvQL1Xi95BVlRdoIYYJ9

Despite a strong belief that every woman loves the attention of men, it is worth noting that not every woman loves too much attention: it’s embarrassing. Sometimes the reaction of the watching by men of female beauty causes women to come up with very strange options for the protection of his honor and raise prices in the market of brides. For example, feminism tells my chauvinistic nature. And sometimes much worse.

In China especially for modest girls who did not like the attention to their person, were invented special tights. How they look, you can see in the photo above. Yes, friend, this girl in pantyhose, not a monkey.

Delicious female legs outfit turns into a trash and waste. But Chinese women are very happy — they say that hairiness protects from unwanted attention. We think the opposite.

The Internets opinions are divided. The majority believes that it’s disgusting. «Let you better perverts. But nice guys will also pass by». But there are those who believe that Chinese women are great. The majority of the women think so. They love to go too. Although this is not surprising: we’re all so different.

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