The best types and methods of training for burning fat

Still, there are magical ways of fat burning! Well like magic… Working! Someone said that he had problems with burning fat? It’s all because he tried methods from our list. Though, most likely, he’s just lazy, which is not a damn thing he can. Today we’ve put together 10 of the most fast-acting ways to burn fat and bring the body into shape. Fuck all sorts of questionable methods, because with fat burning are all relatively simple. If you’re willing to work, of course! So, man, if you have a real problem with losing weight, you don’t work.

1. Circuit training

Circuit training allows you to burn fat with high intensity and leads in the form of the whole body. Circuit training is a thing exhausting and worth it. After the first session in the eyes you will have white light to her throat over nausea, but if these symptoms will not last every day, we can say that everything is in order, you just work at peak capacity.

Circuit training a great substitute for a cardio, strength and endurance training, because the heart and other body parts are working at high loads. Are you doing one exercise 10-12 times, then moving on to another, then the next. Between cycles a little break. Why it works, you ask? Because you’re exhausting yourself like an ox, like a galley slave and how God knows what! Blood circulates from one body part to another, the lactic acid is excreted from the body, fat instantly splits, and all because you needed energy! Even the standard ten squats, ten pushups and a minute of jumping rope will help you to be in shape. By the way, if you’re not current, circuit training was invented a very long time. Under the Soviets, they were widely used.

2. Pullups

How to train at the same time the arms, back and chest? Great answer: pull-UPS. The loading on these parts of the body is distributed evenly. In addition, the muscles are stretched, making your body higher quality at the expense of longer muscles. Because you need to spend a decent amount of calories to maintain your body in a static position, pull-UPS various grip (lock, bronirovanii and spinaround grip) will be coupled efficiently act on all the muscle groups. But don’t think that pull-UPS and horizontal bar missing. For weight loss completely, but the legs also need to use! So personally, I recommend a horizontal bar with a swing and something else.

3. To build mass, burn fat

As we have written many times, muscle mass helps to burn fat. The muscles need the nutrition that is taken immediately from fat. Muscle energy-intensive in nature, but their constant need to maintain in this condition, so throw to train is not necessary in any case. A comprehensive qualitative training in the gym with a competent alternation of rest and loads will help you burn fat and at the same time to raise the weight. Protein, special food and special training.

4. Split-workout

Split-training approach for those involved in more than a year. Each muscle group should be given special attention, so we recommend splitting workouts by muscle groups depending on what you’re going to pump. The advantage of splits is that each body part gets a decent time to recover and tenses quite accurately during the sessions. Usually it is recommended that the following sequence of training:

1) triceps, back, abs, Delta.

2) biceps, chest, shoulders, press.

3) press, legs.

Some dudes spend one session of cardio and crunches. It’s possible, besides, it perfectly burns fat if cardio is not abused. I must say that this workout for advanced dudes, so she had a triceps and chest exercise on different days. This system is built on the simultaneous exercise of the muscles-antagonists.

5. Weightlifting

We wrote in a separate article that weightlifting copes with the problems of excess weight. But just note that to go to the section you need with some no skills, and the Khan your joints. Of course, you can teach everything you need, but better safe than sorry.

6. Vigorous exercise

Attacks, springy Jackie, some burpees, push-UPS with jumping… it’s like the old school. They work almost the same as circuit training.

7. Training twice a day, adapted for food

Cardio on an empty stomach — something that I love to argue different editions. Someone says that it’s amazing, and someone that is the best way to burn through muscle. I know many people who are quite happy with the need to run early in the morning before Breakfast.

The trainings are held in the morning, most often it is cardio, sometimes cardio and a little bit of power, but personally I am totally against the power of fasting: I want to puke Breakfast — please! The second workout is in the evening after dinner. If you do not perform the exercises well before bedtime, so as not to upset him, everything will work great. The main hold out at least two weeks.

8. Strap and static exercises

In fact they spend a huge amount of energy pumped internal muscles and abdominal muscles. After a month of abuse strips you can go to circuit training. In the article on strap there are many varieties of any bars that will help you reset fat. Choose to start three or four strips and make them, for example, after work.

9. Short and intense workout

Choose, for example, any challenge from this article and use it to the fullest, man! These exercises will make you spend a lot of calories.

10. Interval training

They cause very much dispute, but in any case the exhaust very well. A trivial 10 minute cardio with a change of the running speed will make you shake body and soul fat. Interval training represent an alternation of periods with high and low load. For example, jog, sprint, run again, sprint again. This type of training perfectly accelerates the metabolism, fat is burned like crazy, blood is oxygenated with a vengeance. Some believe that cardio with a constant speed is ideal for weight loss, is nonsense, interval training, much better able to cope with it.

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