The best training for drinkers

manygoodtips.com_28.10.2016_RQF8LHV1OFHzMAs you know, alcohol contributes to good development of cancer. But rest assured, recent studies have made it clear that some threats are almost completely erased, if you follow the standard recommendations for physical activity. However, this does not apply to spirits. So don’t think that Obukhov and running, you completely save yourself. It does not pass unnoticed, alas.

So there are 4 pillars of athletic training for the drinker: exercises for the cardiovascular system, strength training, flexibility training and neuromotor exercise.

Do not have to be killed: why die from dehydration, when you want to make life better, despite the presence of excess water in the body? Just follow these simple rules:

— Do you need 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of high intensity;

— Strength training — at least two times a week;

— Various stretching and pull UPS at least twice a week;

— Do exercises that challenge your balance, coordination and agility.

A huge plus of this technique is that you will have plenty of free time to «drink with friends», as some exercises allow you to immediately «kill two birds with one stone». For example, interval training helps keep the heart rate high and not waste time running.

Monday and Thursday: 30 minutes of restrained cardio workout

Just choose your favorite type of activity: walking, Cycling, rowing, Jogging, or climbing stairs. All you need to do is to accumulate 30 minutes of cardio at a moderate pace. This means that you must work hard to increase your heart rate and breathing rate but you should be able to have a conversation.

Tuesday and Friday: 20 minutes strength and 10 minutes of stretching

manygoodtips.com_28.10.2016_16TT4nmzl2q24This complex increases the heart rate, replaces cardio and some exercises can easily considered to be neuromotor. You must do these five exercises for 20 minutes, doing 4 sets. After all did you expect 10 minutes of stretch marks. In fact, it does not matter what, how, and in what positions you take, if only you approached this responsibly.

Those same five exercises:

1. «Skater». Something vaguely reminiscent of the rolls from one foot to the other. If you have seen skating competitions, I believe that you already know how to perform this exercise.

You have to stand on bent legs so that one leg was different. Front should stand on the entire foot, on the toe and the back. Next, make the back leg a step to the side, smoothly shifting her weight. As a result, the leg that was in front, is rear. All I want from you is none of your business and do the exercise at a fast pace.

2. Squats with dumbbells. Everything is clear from the title. You get two hefty dumbbells, put them on the shoulders, and straight as a bayonet, back and start to squat. Right after you’ve gotten a squat and started to get up, pull the encumbered shells hands up, but try to they and back was smooth. Exercise is good because a much larger burden is not the legs, and abdominal muscles.3. Plank with dumbbells. You have quite a challenge — take the emphasis lying down, leaning on the dumbbell. So, it is necessary to pick up the dumbbells and actually stand right on them. Be careful not to paketis! On his feet, thank God, to cling to nothing.

All you need is alternately off the floor, arms with dumbbells, bending them at the elbows and a little taking back. The most difficult is to keep the balance on the supporting arm, it can be physically unpleasant.

4. Attacks. Do not rush to throw a dumbbell, you still need.

Lower your hands with dumbbells along the body and make a strong lunge forward. Immediately after that, do not hurry to return to its original position, and bend your knees, lowering thus the pelvis, and in parallel with this loaded bend your elbows. A return to the starting position.5. Pushups to side plank. Something like the bar with dumbbells, is the same have to be in the position lying on Ganesh. But now, a simple bending of the arms will not do — you will have the task harder.

Standing in the bar, you need to bend your elbows (that is, to do basic push-UPS), and then lay on his side, pulling one of your hands. Then return to the starting position and do the same thing, but on the other side. Note: the hand on which you rely when turning to the side, should be perfectly straight.

Wednesday: crossfit and yoga

Environment is the most difficult day in terms of exercises, but their implementation you will need no more than 20 minutes. Half you take to yoga, and the other half on the classic grosspitaevskii delay. If yoga is contrary to your worldview and moral principles or not seems to you unworthy of a man, then resort to stretching.

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