The best reasons to not get married yet


Girls like the chain break, when it is more than 25 years. We wrote about how much girls want to get married. But us dudes, just the opposite I do not want to marry. We can not safely married to 35 years, and for us it will be nothing. Today we have gathered the best reasons not to marry at least a little bit. The enjoyment of life, egoism and other nishtyaki will bloom in this article magnificent color.

Here are the reasons and excuses for those who do not want a serious relationship.

1. You’re not going bald!

He-Hey, man, you’re really lucky! Means you still got it, the main thing — not to swim away fat.

2. You don’t want responsibility for someone else

And rightly so, there is no need to get married and have a serious relationship if you’re not ready to bear the burden of responsibility.

3. You love your roommates. They’re your friends, and you don’t want them to move out

Every evening you play games, talk and just have a good time. One thought that your life could be the girl who leads you into a stupor, because all of a serious fall.

4. You really like to live alone

Congratulations to you, man. The era of sorrow will come fast enough, but now you can be alone with yourself.

5. You like to drink beer from plastic cups in the noisy companies without girls

Not every girl will appreciate this. She wants permanence, and red wine, and you’re here with beer. Yes, and the girl could ruin everything.

6. You’re starting to build a promising career

I hope you understand that sometimes you need to keep his Johnson in his pants, to get additional favors in the future. If you like your current job, don’t take it back, pay her most of the time!

7. You have decent career prospects

The same as in the previous paragraph, just go ahead and ignore these «You need to get a girlfriend!».

8. If you’re going to buy the ring, you starve for more than a month

Marriage is highly desirable to join with some excess cash. If you do not have enough food and paying your own bills, and talk about how to take care of someone else. One of my friends got married quite early, and he, a dude who only started his career in a good position, had to guard at night the cafe to earn a few extra coins for his wife.

9. You don’t mind only eating what you can cook in a microwave oven

You don’t need typically the feminine touch with this raspravljati «women’s hand». Wait a bit!

10. You don’t have enough funds

Not only for wedding, but also to buy her gifts for birthday, wedding anniversary, New year, Valentine’s Day. This list is too expensive for you. And now imagine that you have to make gifts to her and her family on some holidays.

11. It’s one step closer to having children

And you remember how horrible they scream on the plane!? You will be the same.

12. The last book that you read one of the books about Harry Potter

I have nothing against Potter, but agree that this is not serious literature! Here serious.

13. You still have a second Breakfast. And on weekends there is a third

And in this picture is the lady?

14. If you had hot sosedushka, you would immediately fuck her

And now imagine that you’re married. When you don’t want to fuck the neighbor because you’re too lazy or your lady much better now, you have reached enlightenment.

15. You bought yourself a huge box of Warhammer 40k miniatures and paint them in the evenings

But instead you have to entertain the girl. And you still have the Ultramarines disassembled and unprimed lie.

16. You have a darling and sweet heart hobby that not every girl will like it

You spend on your bike is a huge part of your budget? Do you collect some kind of nonsense? You’re hitchhiking across the country? Not easy to find someone who will fully share your interests and who will share them after marriage.

17. If you divide your age by two and add to the sum 5, girls this age can’t drink yet. And fuck them stopping the criminal Code

You’re young dude, still has time.

18. The only savings you have is a big silver coin from the Olympic games in Moscow in 1980, the one you begged mom

No comment, man!

19. You still find 17-year-old attractive, and not snotty loud overgrown adolescent

You still do not understand Zen, man!

20. You still think farting is funny

This brings us back to this article!

21. Your best days are still ahead

You haven’t got a good job, didn’t jump with a parachute and has not visited abroad? What for you to marry!

22. You’re not willing to sacrifice the space next to the sink in your bathroom

It’s a small thing, man, but if you’re not ready, it means that it is no longer time. Even live with a girl.

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