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manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_K3ln1d6Jbet9ILet’s take a brief break from the pressing Affairs and just enjoy good music. But since people have different tastes, slightly narrow musical space and pay attention to best solo in the rich history. We did not choose the technicality of performance, and soulfulness. As a reminder, this is purely my opinion.

Comfortably numb

The miracle maker: David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

Year: 1979

The Wall is the best show in rock history who would not say that. Not that the song is a gem. On this album, just with the comfort is the most recognizable and hackneyed song of «pink fluid» – Another brick in the wall. Few believe it is great because of the «kicking» is full of songs with a deeper «special» waters lyrics and soulful melodies. In comfortably numb is an interesting text – in fact, a retelling of the memoirs stoned tranquilizers waters. Many are confused by insinuating casleton the author of the verses, interrupted more familiar with Gilmore’s vocals on the chorus. And then… then begins what we all love «Comfortable numb» solo. And a nuclear explosion in the soul. How was it possible to come up with this? The cycle of emotion, melody, gut-wrenching you inside out, ascending to heaven, and then with all his might with all the force hurling you from a height to the ground. The body is covered in goosebumps, and you yourself wipe proslezhivaetsya delight the eye. But Gilmore has literally created his own hands, forging a long and painful note by note. David played solo five or six times on his legendary Stratocaster and then glued together the most successful part. And what happened that still causes fierce envy of all guitarists in the world, trying even one iota closer to the genius of Gilmour.

Here are two solos: one bright and positive as a Sunny day, the latter is more dark and deep, like a cloudy sky, ready to erupt with thunder. Just at the time of this writing, the author had the good fortune to observe the natural dissonance in hundreds of times listened to the song. But we put it in the first place, not because.

Stairway to heaven

The miracle maker: Jimmy page (Led Zeppelin)

Year: 1971

And again, amazing lyrics to a stunning song from a stunning album. How old is «Stairway to heaven» will lead the list of the best rock songs? Write something more brilliant? Judging by the trends, it is unlikely, and the times do not. In the U.S. sellers of music stores under the fear of violence and violence are forbidden to play the two buyers hackneyed songs – «Stairway» and «Smoke on the water». Because they only distort the great work.

Their songwriting page fully realized in this song. Light, slightly sad acoustic part from solo breaks, which is still worshiped by guitarists around the world.

There are opinions that the lover of the occult Paige even entered into a business relationship with the dark forces to create this. Some, scrolling through the song backwards, even find in it an encrypted message. But even backwards, it sounds better than any domestic pop.

There are a lot of solo options, with which you will acquaint to Youtube, benefit concerts by led Zeppelin often recorded. The original album, but it is not as perfect as the solo performed at a concert in Earls Court in 1975. Paige constantly complement your solo, something changed, and in our opinion, is the best, most soulful version. The effect of listening can be compared to Sarabande by Handel and first sex – love it! Breaks through a tear delight – it is so amazing! One solo fit more meaning and emotion than in many songs, and joy and sorrow and everything.

By the way, thanks to this song came into Vogue dvuhgigovuyu guitar. Because the page for the whole group was the only guitarist and you would have to play different game. That’s handy for a Gibson EDS-1275, so as not to switch modes.

Master of Puppets

The miracle maker: James Hetfield, kirk Hammett

Year: 1986

Well, what is the rating without the «Broom»! The people that showed the world how to use «mitella» you can become multimillionaires, have always been able to make good music. A play of the divine in them could solo everything from guitarists to bassists. And what did Mr. Burton, are generally worthy of a separate description.

You say that everything that was written after ‘ 86, is a disgrace to «metal». Well, or that they have fallen after ‘ 91. Or even ‘ 96. Well we hear the title track from the kosher, Orthodox album «Master of puppets». One of the best heavy metal songs in the history of mankind/the planet/the Universe begins, as befits these songs briskly, sharply and applause, but we’re talking about solo. What heavy metal song without solo nice? Moreover, shamelessly fucked-up now kirk Hammet then live performances have sinned less. Those who can not tolerate 8 minutes of heavy music, I advise you to fast-forward to 3:32 when it starts the instrumental part, and there are already solo. Although how can you not love melodic, despite its «heaviness», the main part? If you don’t like, then you have a problem with hearing.

But back to the instrumental is the most beautiful that ever were born in this harsh genre. Some Oriental motifs alive vary stylish, brand sepilok. And all so perfectly, tragically, and applause.

One may accuse the companions of Ulrich and Hetfield that they are more engaged in Commerce, not music, but only one «Puppeteer» they deserve to be in rock-and-roll Valhalla.

You can tell that the «Orion» and «Ride The Lighting» solo was spectacular. But the solos in «the Master» is more clear for perception by the General public, for which he was considered beautiful even by those who did the heavy group «Beasts» wasn’t listening.

All along the watchtower

The miracle maker: Jimi Hendrix

Year: 1968

We love Jimmy for one simple reason – he is God. Although this song was written by old Bob «Dylan» Zimmerman, delight and adoration came to her only after covers of Jimmy. It was a fair cover, not plagiarism. She and Dylan seemed very heroic and cool, but thanks to the magic that was between Jim and his «Strata» the song got the paint, which she lacked. It turned into one big solo, and mumbling Jimmy only added colors to it. I’m sorry, Mr. Dylan, but Hendrix somehow heartier.


The miracle maker: David Gilmour

Year: 1994

Someone will say: «Again, he’s with his Gilmore!» But do not rush to swear! This entire collection could be replaced by the songs of Pink Floyd. I would like to add to this list and «Shine on your crazy diamond», but I’m afraid others will be offended.

Listen: one big guitar solo, floating notes, and beautiful bends. How sad and beautiful.

Many people underestimate the album «Division bell» – the last written in the canonical composition. But there is just a lot of great songs. By the way, last year in honor of the twentieth anniversary the album has been released it new edition and for a song even filmed a very interesting video. In the first part the viewer sees digital photography of the abandoned International Space Station that returns to Earth. The other half of the movie is filmed in Pripyat, and there the camera follows the man, running through the ruins of Soviet buildings. With this video the music is perceived quite differently.

The composition is not a single word, but they are not needed.


The miracle maker: John Frusciante

Year: 1999

We love John Frusciante. Love him, with all due respect to Klinghoffer, as a member of the «Golden» part of the RHCP. He could sure as hell pull out his «Telecaster» sounds that influenced a generation. We love him and as a solo artist. Those who have not heard, we strongly advise you to see urgently. «Central», «This Cold», «The Past Recedes», «Murderers» is not worse than his works of the times, «peppers». Someday we accumulate money and cure his drug addiction. Meantime, enjoy his solo. They have always been and will be recognizable. They are simple, like a stick, but is able to touch the innermost. And how stylish sound! And what do you expect from a man who looks like Jesus and plays like Jesus. The hymn of a happy childhood – Californication – known due to its recognizable chorus and with palakona music, and this music was created by John. Maybe the beauty of solo is its simplicity, but this improvisation is perhaps the best that he did.

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