The best exercises for training at home and outside the gym, 11.09.2013, xRQ8YNQ99NUXOlqhdOp0Qc6lmaGbDYTc

There is no opportunity to go to the gym? No time uploaded work? Or just close you do not have a suitable gym? No problem, man! Of course, hall is a perfect place to relax body and work on it, but we don’t always have the opportunity to give training in your schedule. Today, we will help you to save on gym membership and not be left out in the cold.

1. Pull the bar to your chest and pull-UPS, 11.09.2013, a72KEGwLHXg7g7X2kN3srFbA7g0sssGA

Immediately say, that without any equipment in the form of a horizontal bar, chest expander is a piece of rope you will not do. Expander or rope should be used as a lever during execution pull bar to the chest, in order to better manage the load on all muscle groups and increase the difficulty of the exercises. Pullups and deadlifts to chest — two primary, basic, and functional exercises, which is pumped back, to create the best anabolic response in the muscles, and have the isolated effect, that is perfectly pumped on specific muscle groups instead of all at once and in different ways. A strong back is fundamental to the upper torso and helps to compensate for too much pumped breast. Detail on the back you can read here.

2. Attacks, 11.09.2013, JzTUXGLVJvnwu2D83iEOFkpSMej2j2zR

None of the standard home exercise can’t do without the traditional attacks, which perfectly pumped the lower part of the body. Start your day with walking lunges, it swaps the lower part of your body is not worse than lunges with a barbell or dumbbells. But if you want to complicate your life, use dumbbells and lunges when you squeeze the gluteal muscles, so you’ll have more load on the quads. Lunges at the end of the day will help you keep your legs (a very attractive for female body part) in shape with a sedentary lifestyle.

3. Pushups

One of the oldest exercises is still one of the best because nothing better has come up. From elementary school to the rigors of a marine corps push-UPS doing everything. Varieties of push-UPS a lot, but every dude who more or less thinks in these matters, will tell you that first you need to master the most banal and the most typical push-UPS, but then we have to try different types to great effect. With the push UPS we can do almost anything your heart desires: arrange utimately challenge, each day adding a couple extra reps, count time, to try different types of grip, doing them with punches, levers, weights on one leg and many more.

4. Strap, 11.09.2013, gE0QfSQRDcalOqRH9A9wpnP4pkStfZAp

For the neophyte plank may look simple and innocent: anyone can stand leaning on any part of the body, long enough — I think the neophyte. And he is wrong! These innocent strap will make you pour family sweats. The main advantage of straps, like most exercises in this article, the use of all of the joys of working with their weight. Standard bars work great for the upper and lower muscles of your press and the side plank targets the oblique muscles. A great addition to straps can be performing them with the foot, set aside, or held high up. The positive difference of the slats from tilting to the side — activation of the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, which makes straps great versatile solution for your home. Dudes that spend a lot of time for sedentary work, planks can help to avoid lower back pain.

5. Work on agility and anaerobic load, 11.09.2013, pw5NONTHO2Ingo8gdg8rXi9mcg6gt1v6

Even if you have problems with the time, it makes sense to go out and to do something in the fresh air. Run not even sure, now you can work on coordination and agility by performing compound exercises like this here

The repetition of the approaches of these exercises will bring you in the bright school years or the student, if you prefer. All you need: open space for the air and a pair of good shoes for sports. These exercises do not require exhaustion, they needed to properly ventilate your lungs, improve your coordination and speed. Repeat the exercise, adding extra details like a sit-up at the end and build up speed from repetition to repetition.

6. Finish a cardio workout

In fact it is absolutely banal advice because cardio to finish better. At that time, when you finish to train on agility and coordination, your body will be in a state of depletion of glycogen. The advantage of further activities in that any load will take energy from your fat reserves. It is not enough to train hard and long, it is important to train wisely. Use chemical change in your body and improvements will not be forthcoming.

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