The best exercises for all muscle groups

the best exercises

This scientifically established fact, confirmed by research. Note: the majority of studies have been conducted using electromyography, and some of them did, to one person, so be careful that what is good for one, is not suitable for another.

By the way, note that this man was Bret Contreras, a very well-respected in the fitness community man.

1. Chest

Bench press bar

Well, what is America opened for you? Bench press bar was always number one. The main mistake — an incorrect position of elbows during the bench press and the fact that some people rip the legs off the floor when doing the exercise. The elbows and hands should be strictly perpendicular to the floor.

2. Triceps

Triangular pushups

Strange, but true. Triangular push-UPS better than any other exercise to develop the triceps. Here, as in the usual push-UPS, the key is to bend the arms quite badly.

3. Biceps

Bending of the hands on the Scott bench

The most common mistake in this exercise is the speed of repetition. To do slowly, two seconds down and two seconds up.

4. The lateral back muscles

Pull-UPS with weights

The people too low down (their shoulders are too close to each other), then the rise is not high enough. We still remember that the deterioration is only good.

5. The trapezius muscle

Sragi with a barbell

The most common mistake is when guys twist the rod to raise the shoulders as high as possible. If you can’t raise the shoulders high enough, you better take the weight of the smaller ones so traffic will be more intense. No need to mutilate themselves.

6. Shoulders

Bench sitting

When doing press behind the head is a little better, but at the same time increases the risk of injury and your shoulder is a very valuable material.

7. Press

Twisting / Bicycle

The biggest mistake is the speed. It is possible to make, say, thirty. No need to pedal, just like on a real bike. Slower: it’s good to pump muscles.

8. Oblique muscles

The captain’s chair

It may seem counterintuitive, but the captain’s chair is the best way to pump oblique muscles. Stop rocking on the chair and try to find a balance.

9. Quads


Everyone thinks that full squats are more beneficial and they are wrong. Exercise should be done with weighting for greater efficiency.

10. The muscles back of the thigh / lower back


These two muscle groups together because they are very tricky work. If you have problems with lower back, muscles back of the thigh will also not in the best shape. Many deadlift half-heartedly. We’ll show you how.

11. Caviar

Calf exerciser sitting

Not so fast, at a fast pace, these exercises much less effective.

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