The best cheese sandwich in the world

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_AHO9xDas7W13jThe man who decided to create a sandwich, has endless possibilities for the imagination, but this story about how 5 minutes to create a masterpiece of culinary art. Simple, easy, quick — is this not important? And so, to some extent, even useful.

1. Bread

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_gubErdHHCpdqWIn order not to become similar to the main symbol of the company «Michelin», choose rye bread, «Borodinsky» or bread with bran wholegrain. So the sandwich was delicious — dry the bread in a hot pan without oil. So it will become even more useful. Cut the bread not thicker than 0.5 cm And do not try to cut the crust — it is the most useful.

2. Dressing

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_0qzoQzz1CVfVKForget about Mayo or butter. Take some sour cream, add garlic and finely chopped greens, mix well and add to the sandwich. Or you can do the usual mustard.

3. Vegetable crap

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_O1FfEmnXjey1xLeaf of lettuce, slice of tomato. Everything is just perfect.


manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_elYy7oEkvuDzrHard cheese is placed on sandwiches thin slices. Hard cheese is Sovetskaya, Kostroma, Dutch, Altai, steppe, Volga, and many others. They differ in gentle taste, more acute, only Swiss, Volga and Latvian.


manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_DIqRbPhLI6m0aPorridge butter will not spoil! And cheese sandwich! Don’t be greedy, leave the cheese out of the fridge will move to the lucrative piece.

6. Completing the masterpiece

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_oyrQV5OWN44jgDon’t forget to cover all this splendor thin and toasted a slice of bread.

Bon appétit, dude!

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