The best beach workout, which you can imagine

Scenic shots running along the beach, Carl Weathers and Seeley Stallone «rocky 3» more than a dozen years to inspire the desire once in your life to do the workout on the beach. Necessarily on sand, because gravel does not run. Fortunately, wide old Russia, from edge to edge, there are lakes, rivers and the sea with sandy beaches — get out and do. Only sandy beach is radically different from gyms and from any street workout. Coating kind, and the damned grit not have to climb. Therefore, not all exercises are equally good. Fortunately, there are effective program. It may seem stingy to exercise, but the intensity does wonders. If all you can do right — will be not worse than the Italian stallion.


A key component of this program is active. Like from exercise, went for a well deserved break, but the muscles work.

After warming up with 10 minute jog on the wet sand at the water’s edge, move back to dry sand, and start doing the exercises. For every need to spend 20 seconds trying to kill it. Then a little rest for 40 seconds, slowly proshagal on the sand, and mentally prepare for the next exercise. They are made in a strictly prescribed sequence, 5 times.

Exercise 1: run for 20 seconds in the dry sand as quickly as you can.

Exercise 2: the good old burpee is relevant at all times and for any sport. Give it maximum in 20 seconds.


Exercise 3: lunge on each leg. 20 seconds is quite a short period of time, so no need to dwell on the attacks. Try as soon as possible to change the foot.

Exercise 4: jumping with a twist. Exercise, in the truest sense of the word. familiar from childhood. At the time of the jump, maximum turning body to left and right.

It would seem that this hideously banal exercises? And you them do on the sand, on uneven, viscous surface, where balance and support work differently, and all questions will disappear by themselves.

The main program


After completing the first task, immediately run along the coastline. 10 minutes maximum, no longer need. Being warmed up and ready for new challenges, go to the dry sand, and be ready to embark on a series of exercises in sequence twice, resting in a momentary interruption. All this along with the workout will go as little as 38 minutes.

Part 1

Squats, 60 seconds: Stand up straight, feet shoulder distance apart, knees slightly bent, and start to squat for a minute did not hesitate to kiss the buttocks of the sand. Bend the knees more than 90 degrees is not necessary. Ideally, the rise in the standing position should be at your heels.

Push-UPS, 30 seconds: everything Here is just very quickly, 30 seconds to do max pushups. The most important thing is to find a comfortable stance in the sand, where there are dunes.


Jumping, 30 seconds: take a position, like during sit-UPS, and start to jump out of a sitting position, directly to the heavens, spreading out his hands, like those inspired by the ladies of the stupid ads. Prim feet, as Dima Bilan is not worth it. Better after landing as quickly as possible to jump.

Oblique twists 30 seconds: here the sand is very good. Don’t need mats, mats, mats, simply pull up on itself, made a convenient rookery, and started doing crunches. As always — pull to a bent housing of the legs, while turning it left then right.

Part 2

Push-UPS, 60 seconds: all the same, just for 30 seconds longer. Hands bend at an angle of 45 degrees.

Pushups with a clap, 30 seconds: all the same, but now, at the moment when the chest touches the sand. Sharp movement of hands push off from the sandy carpet and in flight (without lifting your feet from the sand, of course) doing a clap of your hands. And so in a row, without stopping.

Oblique twist, 30 seconds: the same as in the first part.

Part 3


Walking lunges, 60 seconds: Stand up straight, feet apart, hands on hips. Step forward with your right foot, shifting the weight on the front heel. Bend both knees, lowering your pelvis to the sand. And then act a little other algorithm. If earlier the legs are not changed, it is now the rear leg, you need to make a sharp movement forward. At the same time, try to keep your back straight, and in no case collapses.

Push-UPS, 30 seconds: all the same as in the previous scheme.

Walking lunges 30 seconds: same as you did a minute earlier, but only in a shorter time.

Oblique twists 30 seconds: again, nothing new.

Part 4

Sprint 30 seconds: run in the dry sand as fast as I can.

Push-UPS, 60 seconds

Sprint, 30 seconds

Oblique twists 30 seconds

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