The belt of the smuggler


When in the Soviet Union (and not only) students from the province went to conquer Moscow and other large cities, wanting to become engineers for their homeland, their parents sewed the money in a variety of household items. By the way, some still do. But now there is no need to put up with cash in your underpants, because some smart people came up with the belt already with the special pocket for any Goodies. The inventors and implementers in combination dubbed the strap strap smuggler.

The strap is also too good (although, IMHO, the color stupid). It is made of cow skin manually somewhere near Texas. Leather, by the way, will delight antique lovers and followers of natural. The fire of this skin was extremely common methods using aluminum or chrome and vegetable tanning materials: bark of oak and other. Buckle, by the way, also hand-forged some of the Texas blacksmith, who probably wears a shirt in a large cage. Belt width 3 cm. Pocket money hidden in the center of the buckle, the cash will go crazy without much difficulty.

Price, by the way, really bites. For one such belt to you without shipping will have to dump 245$. But now I can yeah!

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