The beauty and charm of old cemeteries. Part II

Someone thinks that the cemetery – the place is dark and scary. Of course, death isn’t funny. But if you have a little poetic soul, you will find in the cemeteries of its charm. Of course, not every cemetery is admirable. But there are those for whom it is a pleasure to walk and contemplate, or just to read the headstones.

In this collection of the cemetery has not let out the old, but very peculiar. Even too.

City of the dead, Cairo, Egypt

Why attend? Must be nice to live in the cemetery. In case you have no other option to find the accommodation that’s the only way. I remember a story about one very original homeless man from Serbia who spent the night under an old crooked gravestones. But that is normal: quiet neighbors, no noise, the food is not stealing. In fact, the homeless live in all cemeteries, but in the glorious Egyptian Cairo neighborhood with the living dead crossed all limits.

Cairo is a very ancient city, which at various times was owned by the Mamluks, the Arabs, the French and the British, large, noisy and very colorful, with crumbling facades that defies logic traffic and the usual contrast of poverty and fake Arabic gloss. Among a large number of old cemeteries, especially notable is the scenic 6-kilometer system of tombs and mausoleums, which is called the city of the dead. In the 15th century were buried here by the Mamluk sultans.

Buried, of course, luxurious mausoleums, which are still visible in some parts of the city. Really interesting buildings of Islamic architecture. But in the 60-ies, after the creation of the Suez canal, crowds of refugees decided to move closer to the capital. But they have nowhere to live here and have not found anything better than to live in a spacious crypts of the vast cemetery.

Controversial neighborhood they are not confused, some living there already for generations. If you look at old photos, we can see that the buildings are denser towards each other.

It’s very simple: enterprising bums simply make an extension from the collapsed mausoleums and crypts. Next to a grave stone quite accustomed to see the store. Here it is, Egyptian door, where all is well: alive and dead. I must say that the mighty ancient crypts often much better than the typical Cairo structures that begin to crumble at a weak wind. And, of course, life on earth with its own small plot enjoyable, especially when it is not necessary to pay.

By the way, among the 500 thousand inhabitants city of the dead, there are those who after losing loved ones, desperate and with nothing better to do than to be with a loved one after death. Here’s a sad story.

What a relief to be buried? That loved ones, of course, if they don’t go crazy, won’t leave you even after death and will take care of you. Although you to this point will still.

And your grave will not be considered tourists because they are strongly advised not to go there. Too kind of contingent, outcasts and the dregs of society not against the gain on the simpleton from abroad who came to look at their life. Or just beat you unpleasant when in your ground floor Windows look down the headstock and curious students.

The only thing to be buried in the City of the dead is to decompose on the floor of his house.

Memorial reef Atlantis, Key Biscayne, FL

Why attend? If the little Mermaid, Davy Jones, Flounder, Sebastian, and could be somewhere to bury, only in this cemetery. Logical, because it’s under the water near Miami, where always fun, the sun is shining and there is a house Valery Leontiev (there is an option to be buried in the same cemetery with Valery Yakovlevich, may God grant him long life).

It all started with Mercantile interests to create the underwater Park is the exact copy of Atlantis, but then someone’s bright mind went further and decided that the underwater amusement Park not earn much, but the underwater cemetery is quite possible. And now for the amount of $995 to $6495 (depending on the place and the pathos of the headstones) you extravagant to bury the bottom of the sea, next to wealthy lovers of the sea like divers, sailors and scientists and oceanographers.

The method of burial is very simple. First you burn to the ground in hellish tongues of fire, then the ashes are mixed with specially designed for underwater work with cement. Created in this fashion monument worker-diver installs in the ground of the reef. On the pedestal mesh copper and bronze lot of boards with the name of the buried person, his date of birth and death and brief biographical information. Then the whole composition take pictures and make a photo album for relatives. The design of the monuments is 90% composed of cement, some of the sculptures are made of bronze and steel. It is planned to create zones, apparently to the relatives was fun and interesting. It is worth mentioning that without galagoogoo equipment the granddaughter of a beloved grandfather will not see, because the cemetery is located at a depth of 14 meters, down to one mask and fins are not dearnell.

It is certainly not the Novodevichy, the place is not very much, at this point you can «drown» just 850 people.

But the plans of Napoleon’s leadership, and over time, will be placed in the concrete of the new Atlantis 125000 lovers of the sea. There will be enough space, after all, the last refuge for lovers of the sea was not built in some kind of hole, and on the most beautiful man-made reef in the world reef Neptune stretched out on the area of 65 thousand square meters.What a relief to be buried? First, your relationship and the incomprehensible desire for liquids will find a logical conclusion and the only possible legal basis. It’s so symbolic of eternal peace and a kind of immortality in the underwater cement. While silly will his younger fools to scatter their ashes against the wind, over a beautiful place to prodigal, as in life, remains after death walked anywhere, you’re a decent man strapped down to the place and surrounded by brothers, brothers with the same interests. And your family who will venture to descend to the bottom, will not only nice to look at your beautiful grave, but also incredibly interesting. The complex is very beautiful, decorated with tall columns, benches, delicate arches, and mausoleums. At the entry to this underwater marvel, charmed by the majestic gates with a massive bronze figures of lions. Beauty, and only, 3 in 1: relative for decency called for, the pleasure from seeing received, and a reason to dive appeared.

Ganges, Varansi, India

Why attend? When I go around town and see a masked nerds that offer wide as a Cheshire cat, smiles to buy some strange books though, for how much, and glorify Krsna, then I have some idea where they want to die. In the sacred waters of the Ganges seek shelter children of the Frame. But in order to be an adult, you need to go to the Holy Hindu city of Varansi where the light is sent 3,500 years. For them it is the center of the Universe, the Holy city, like Mecca and Jerusalem, the cornerstone and the same ancient.

According to legend, the city was founded by Hindu God Shiva, several thousand years ago, making it one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the country. This is one of the seven sacred cities of the Hindus. Any self-respecting off, even the one who lives in England, USA and the hostel in your city, wants relatives threw him out of the powdery mass from there. For them it is hope to get rid of the endless cycle of rebirth and attain eternal bliss, as the Ganges, if you do not know, flowing from the sky – it’s you every Indian will say, and its sacred waters clean. As a strict Orthodox canons of Hinduism need to hide in the first days after his death, the city is literally crawling with dying, which are specially brought from all over India. Sometimes it lasts for weeks, a rather strange sight.

A little about the ceremony. She, contrary to rumors, cheap. Simple wood wood cost a bit, wreaths and flowers, too (however, you can do without them). Even if you take into account that one kg of carcass need as much as 5 kg of wood. Moreover, the poor often help with money, because it is an additional plus to karma, and not burnt in the previous burial of the wood give to the poor.

But if you burn the valuable and expensive sandale, I love rich people, the price comes to 3 thousand dollars and higher. In very poor villages practiced a symbolic burning (when smoke as much as wood) with the subsequent journey browned or charred at the edges of the corpse with the fast waters of the great river.

However, there are those who are behind Indian concepts to cremate does not belong. Children up to 13 years (because their bodies pure), pregnant women (because they have children), sadhi who have dedicated themselves to meditations, and patients with leprosy. They just out in the middle of the river and drown with load on the mortal body.

It is prohibited to burn killed by the bite of a Cobra in India is not uncommon. It is believed that after the bite of this snake comes not death but coma. So with banana tree carved boat, which lay, wrapped the body in plastic wrap. To it is attached a sign with the name and home address. And allowed to sail on the Ganges. Meditating on the shore of sadhi such body trying to catch and meditations to try to return to life.

The cemetery in itself is strange. To the river are steep steps, which in several. On one descent bury suicides and victims of accidents, on the other – the victims of the natural course of time and disease. On the banks of the river lit the fragrant glow of fires on the stairs – long, near the pockets of the Brahmins, stick stick charred in the fire the hips, and then climbed out of the pile. Just like in the grill, and nothing, everyone is happy. The spectacle of eerie, as, in fact, fragrances.

By the way, burn needs son, at least a brāhmaṇa, but not necessarily people from the same caste. Caste higher caste can not be lower – taskbar.

When you look at this show, offering bad words and a question: «And what’s wrong with you?!» Although once the ancient Slavs laughed at the Arab merchants learn that they bury the bodies in the ground. Most surprising is the Ganges, where floating corpses, touring boats full of stinking garbage. When the corpse washed up on the beach, it is eaten by dogs – idyll…And yet, drink water of the sacred river and wash right where I just finished my swollen corpse, and the ashes of them nextreme. And that is strange, not sick after all, maybe the river is indeed sacred, and maybe the native microflora infection use take?

What a relief to be buried? It is not strange, great honor to be buried in this insanely strange cemetery often choose even foreigners. The Indians will gladly burn anyone, was precious rupees. So you have a chance. If you have enough money for a ticket to India, that will be enough for normal burning, and even a few logs purifying sandalwood. If you don’t want to eat worms, please. However, there is a chance that part of your remains happen to drink, they bathe, they cook. But guaranteed to endlessly cheerful afterlife journey and at least some chance to get into Nirvana. Just consider: a funeral is not allowed, because they often threw themselves into the fire.

The bridge to Paradise, Iscare, Mexico

Why attend? When we talked about the merry cemetery in the last issue of our afterlife opus, we were not warned that there are places more fun. Is the same cemetery after a visit that it is unclear where you were: at the cemetery or at the exhibition of Mexican culture. It is not surprising that Mexicans who love to clean the bones of his dead grandmother on the day of the dead, created this here cemetery.

It all began in 1984, when architect Miguel Quintana Pali bought 5 acres of land in the town known as Iscariot. First, he wanted to build there own house, but out came something completely different. Because of Iscare when served as a trading port of the ancestors of the Mexicans, the Maya, already at the design stage of the Hacienda Fell found under the Foundation of an underground sewage water.

And many stone buildings that remained after the Mayans. So it came up with the idea of a tourist Park where you can get acquainted with beautiful nature of Mexico and its ancient culture. So he built the Park – a replica of a Mayan village. What does a graveyard have to do with Maya? So just the holiday «day of the dead» goes back to the traditions of the ancient Indians.

The structure of the «Bridge to Paradise» looks like the Gregorian calendar: there are 365 tombs, and the hill formed by 7 levels, which symbolize the days of the week. The main entrance to the cemetery is represented by a ladder, has exactly 52 steps – the number of weeks in a year. With other symbols of the Maya there is water (source of life) and the sacred tree, which, in fact, is a bridge between the spirit world: the nether and normal. Here’s a simple Mexican symbolism.

What a relief to be buried? The grave is reminiscent of the work of contemporary, serious art, although everything was done earnestly. Tombstones in the form of sofas and books to symbolize the character of the deceased. But when on the Day of the dead and the already variegated the tomb is decorated with fruits and flowers, is somehow very happy and think that you has lived all his life a good man, although he was a dick.

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